You’re no NASCAR driver

(Re the “Hot Corner: Driving”): This is in reply to the Oct. 24 comment about Northerners and NASCAR and all I can say is you are no NASCAR driver, in spite of your imagined skills. And also, neither are the people around you. There are NASCAR people (who) have wrecks also.

Great idea to combat texting while driving

(Re the Oct. 24 “Hot Corner: Driving”): Hey, what a great idea! Have the GPS on the cellphones turn it off after movement over 5, 10 or 15 mph, whatever. I don’t know how you would get this done, but I think that is the most wonderful idea. This texting and driving and listening to those silly phones is going to cause more accidents than anything else. Thank you for a great idea.

I see cats, but not a lot

I’m calling about what was in today’s (Oct. 24) Sound Off, “Too many cats roaming Beverly Hills.” That is absolutely not right and the person that is complaining about these cats and things — that there’s too many cats and dogs and to keep them in or do whatever — she needs to stay inside herself because I walk around Beverly Hills all the time and I see cats, but not a lot. I don’t like people like this, so stay inside.

OK not to recognize Columbus

I’m calling in regards to the (Oct. 24 Sound Off) comment of someone saying “Columbus Day went unrecognized.” Actually, it’s probably OK that we did that because the country was here and it was occupied by natives whom we ended up calling American Indians. We took over the land and if anybody has a right to complain about being taken advantage of, it’s the Indians that we call American Indians. We brought them the diseases and all these things that happened. We do not have an American Indian Day or an American Indian Month. We do not recognize them, but you don’t hear them complaining that they don’t have the equal time on television, etc. This is just my opinion. I’m happy to be in America. My family came from another country who is not recognized on a special day, either, but I am blessed to be an American.

No response from politicians

I called Wilton Simpson’s office in June — his secretary in Spring Hill — to have a meeting with him. She said she’d call me when he came in the office so I could have a meeting with him and nobody ever got in touch with me and I have been trying to push for animal abuse laws to be stressed. I talked to Wilton Simpson’s girl in the Tallahassee office twice. She just hung up on me today. My best guess is she’s 22 and very naïve, telling me the cats getting declawed, that was an improvement in the animal law with animal abuse. She doesn’t have a clue. So I hope you do post this because I have contacted (Rep.) Massullo’s office, trying to get some animal laws passed, and I get no response from anyone. I sent paperwork there from an organization in Illinois that makes up laws for animals and still nobody has contacted me. It doesn’t seem like either one of my representatives, Massullo or Simpson, is going to do anything, so I am sounding off.

Not sure reduced MFLs make sense

Does allowing reduced minimum flow levels at King’s Bay make sense, as Swiftmud scientists claim? Several years ago when reduced flows made the bay brackish, barnacles began appearing and now cover anything they can attach to. Woodworms are destroying all of the uncovered pilings that were treated for freshwater. Bay clarity is down to a few feet in much of the waters around the main spring and the waters can cause rashes if you don’t wear a wetsuit or shower after swimming, as we found out. Four percent or 24 acres of the bay is being cleaned to remove muck so that new eelgrass can be replanted. The cost of that is $18 million, or a little more than $17 for each square foot. Is it working? Maybe not. The canal between Southeast Fifth Avenue and Three Sisters Springs Trail that was treated awhile back is junking up again.

A unique solution to fund pool

I noticed in the paper the other day that Beverly Hills is still having problems funding their swimming pool. I have got a big solution to that problem: Have all of the drug dealers — and I said dealers — that live in Beverly Hills put $5,000 into a fund to operate the swimming pool. There would be enough money in that fund to run that swimming pool for about five or six years. I think that would be a good way for the drug dealers to give money back to the community. It would be nice for them to give a little bit rather than taking, like they always do.

Intersection is terribly dangerous

I’m calling about the traffic signal at (County Road 491) and (State Road) 200. There needs to be a light there. It is a terribly dangerous intersection. I’m rather short, female, elderly, and I almost got out of the car to run around to see if anyone was coming from that direction from Crystal River headed toward Ocala. So the county board of commissioners needs to get their act together. They can afford a lot of other falderal, but they’re not taking care of the safety at that particular intersection. I think that (Commissioner) Coleman is doing a great job. At least he’s put some effort into studying it and surveying it and not closing the door. So please correct this.

I want my Wawa!

Hello, Sound Off readers. Is there anybody out there that can tell me what the holdup is with the Crystal River Wawa? It’s going on two years since they started clearing that lot and all I see is a “Coming Soon” sign, weeds, a fence and no progress. What’s going on? Is it the city holding up permits or is it Wawa dragging their feet? I just want my Wawa.

Feral cat neutered and returned

I recently caught a feral cat that had been climbing onto my car. So I kept it in the trap and I called Animal Services and they came and picked it up. Little did I know that all they were going to do is neuter the cat and then have me release it back at my house. I mean, this is ridiculous. This cat is causing damage to my property. They’re supposed to be animal control and they expect me to release the same cat that I caught back at my house. There has to be a better solution than that.

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