Paying my bill made my day

This is Wednesday, Oct. 16. This goes to the gentleman at Dollar General in Hernando who just paid my bill: I want to thank you so much. There are no words to tell you how much that meant. I’ve had a really rough couple of weeks and this was just incredible. You are an incredible person and may God bless you.

Sheriff’s seminar was excellent

Kudos to the sheriff’s department and to Lee Alexander for the excellent seminar on fraud prevention up at the Citrus Springs Community Center yesterday (Oct. 16). For anybody that didn’t go there, you really missed out on a lot of quality information. Thanks again.

Rising gas prices

What a crock the other day about the rising gas prices. Oil on the world market has been steadily declining. I checked in the state where we moved from, which has the highest state gas tax in the nation, and the prices were the same as Crystal River. Please don’t give us this bull about rising gas prices.

Start locking your car and house

Good morning, Stat Cop here. Looking over the Chronicle in regards to criminal activity, gosh, it looks like there’s over 30 burglaries or property crimes listed in this paper (Oct. 16, Page A8, “For the Record”). Everybody needs to tighten up and start locking their cars and locking their house and locking all your jewelry and writing down serial numbers. That’s the only way you’re going to stop this. Good luck.

More drunk drivers in Florida

I’d like to add on to a Sound Off call that’s titled “Tailgaters worse than drunk drivers” (Oct. 16). I would submit that you don’t know if they’re drunk or not. They probably are. I’ve never seen more drunk drivers in my life than down here in Florida, as well as bad drivers. But what I suggest is you do what I did: Put a camera in back of your car and a camera in front of your car. That way you can take that, submit it to the police department and they have video evidence of this, people would say, aggressive driver. I would say incredibly stupid driver — I think that fits better. And never fret, don’t follow, don’t engage, just submit the video information and see what they can do.

Horrible disrespect for rules of the road

We have such a horrible disrespect for the rules of the road in this county. Maybe it’s time we start teaching people at an earlier age and maybe by the time they get older, they’ll start driving with some common sense. I was recently trying to pull out into some traffic while the high school up in Lecanto was letting out and just about half the people going by were going at a fair clip and they had their cellphones out. It’s time that these kids get taught right early and maybe they’ll become more responsible citizens at an older age. Just yesterday, the wife and I were driving south and as the high school let out, we had people going by us, numerous students, and they had to be going at least 90 mph, some of them. It’s just silly. Teach them young. Maybe they’ll be responsible at the older age.

Here’s where to buy local honey

Here are some places where you can buy local honey: Bush Home Services, Highway (U.S.) 19, Homosassa, and also Avery’s Cheesecake, Highway (U.S.) 19, Homosassa.

We do need a signal at the intersection

I’m calling in reference to everyone wanting a light there at (County Road) 491 and State Road 200. I very much agree. I’ve been born and raised here and my business is in Ocala and I’ve been driving that road for 30-some years. Yes, when they say somebody waits and waits and waits to make a left, well, if it’s early-morning hours, that sun is right in your eyes, too. State Road 200, if you’re on it, it’s a racetrack in the morning, people. You cannot judge the speed of a car coming up on you when you’re making a left. You’ve got to look to your right because the people from Ocala are turning to come to Beverly Hills from Ocala’s way. But that is a light that is very well needed, just like they did in Holder when it was a four-way stop. They made it a light — much better. But that is a dangerous intersection because you are coming out on a little curve right there. You have to turn to the right to look to your right, then make your left. Our commissioners need to put that light there.

Save the oak trees

This is in reference to the oak trees on (U.S.) 98 and (U.S.) 19 where McDonald’s wants to build a restaurant. I was in Dunnellon yesterday where the new Publix is and across the street from Publix, there was fenced-in, huge oak trees in the middle of the parking lot, as well as across the street. I see no reason why they can’t do the same thing and save our trees.

Couldn’t give away the tickets

On a recent evening, my husband and I had tickets for the play at the Art Center. We decided not to go and I called the box office to request they give our paid tickets to anyone coming to buy tickets that night. I was told that because there was still tickets for sale, they could not do that. I think that was an inappropriate decision. We chose to commit a random act of kindness, which was denied us.

I much prefer an underpass

As bicyclers know, from the standpoint of effort, it is much easier to coast down a tunnel and up the other side than to pump up the height of the overpass, then brake to stop at the bottom of the other side to make the turn. I’ve used both many times and much prefer the underpass. Neither are dangerous. It is very unlikely people would hide in a tunnel or behind the overpass ramp or even throw rocks off the overpass.

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