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• (Re Wednesday, July 21’s front-page story headlined, “Davis: Rein in rowdy boaters”): I read where Commissioner Davis wants to reconsider the sheriff’s request to spend over $1 million to police rowdy boaters at the Homosassa Springs during the 13-week scallop season. Seems like a big overdoing it, especially since the area in question is pretty well restricted for much recreational boating between the months of October through April because of manatee protection. And what exactly happens before and after the scallop season with all this personnel and equipment? I think the sheriff’s request is way out of line. Perhaps maybe one boat and two deputies could do the trick for such a short period of time.

• I’m responding to the (July 21, front-page story sub-headlined) “Commissioner says she supports sheriff’s request to ramp up marine patrols.” Why don’t the sheriff show his budget to the citizens of Citrus County? Let’s see where his money’s going to. I’d like to see where the drug vehicles that they confiscated, which they’ve been confiscating by law — if they’ve done so — where does that money go? That’s a lot of money, I believe. ... so let’s see it in black and white.

• After spending part of last weekend on the Homosassa River, I tell Commissioner Davis, go for it and I would almost want to say money is no object. I’m a taxpayer, a resident of Citrus County, pay my taxes and I say go for it. Something needs to take place. Thank you.

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• I think it’s great that Homosassa is getting extra deputies to help rein in the rowdy boaters. Could we in Gospel Island just get one deputy to help rein in the out-of-control, horribly loud airboats?

• Stat cop here, reference the problem with the water areas where people are partying in boats. With that one in Homosassa, I’m sure you can kill two birds with one stone. Somebody there has to know about that manatee, when they wrote on the back of that manatee — which is still pending, as far as I know. Good luck, everybody. Keep your doors locked.

• Now the people in Homosassa at Blue Waters are complaining about all the noise from the boaters. Now you want more deputies and water law enforcement with taxpayers’ money. Use the tourists’ tax dollars to pay for it. There’s your money right there. No taxes. You wanted to live along the water.