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  • Ron DeSantis went to San Antonio, Texas, sending a plane to pick up immigrants to send them to Martha’s Vineyard. He spent $615,000 of Florida taxpayer money. That’s $12,300 per migrant. He said he’s going to continue to spend every penny of the $12 million allocated to facilitate the transport of unauthorized aliens out of Florida. These people weren’t in Florida. This is a sad political stunt.
  • I’m reading that they’re just coming in ones and twos. Ron DeSantis says Florida has too few migrants to relocate. Has he looked around this state? I can pick out more than ones and twos. I can’t believe it. This man – I’ve got to give him something – he’s got guts. He doesn’t care what he says because people are just buying it. He’s so good.
  • I’ve got a question maybe the Chronicle can look into: It’s confusing why DeSantis sent these Venezuelan people to Martha’s Vineyard when they were in Texas. They’re not in our state, so why are we flipping the bill for that?
  • Isn’t it so nice that our lovely Gov. DeSantis takes money meant for Florida and decides to take a plane from Florida to fly to Texas to take immigrants to Massachusetts? Geez, I thought they had to account for their money. I think somebody better check in on this.

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