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CitrusCo Citizen

In the past two years, thousands of live oaks and thousands of acres of forest have been bulldozed to make way for "Progress"in the form of parking lots for gas stations, fast food joints, huge cement warehouses, big box stores, etc. etc. etc. We are watching the extinction of the Nature Coast before our very eyes and nobody is doing very much to stop the destruction. Not only do we need stricter tree ordinances with very large fines for violations, but we also need to plant 5 trees (native species please) for every tree that we destroy. Developers in particular must be forced to follow this rule. It won't be the same as Mother Nature planned, but at least we won't be frying to death in the hot Florida sun. And the wildlife just might return and live here once again.


You tree huggers are nuts. No one cuts down trees without a good reason . It is very expensive. The new State law has gutted local tree ordinances. WAKE UP .A mature oak can use 150 gallons of water a day. You are the same people who want to save water. Why do you think it is cool in the woods ? It is air conditioned by trees sucking all the water out of the ground. Buy some land and pay the taxes, then you can grow all the trees you want . You who probably never built a thing want the developers to pay for everything . Go live in the woods and don't bother the rest of us who want to live in houses and drive on paved roads.


The guidelines for government and commercial usage should be strict and permit driven. For ordinary homeowners the guideline should be easier to follow. No homeowner would want to have to go through all those permits and paperwork to take care of the trees on their property.

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