I should start this letter with, yes, I voted for Trump. In my defense, as in the coming election couldn’t the Democratic Party come up with better candidates.

However, I now feel I would have to be brain dead to keep backing this person’s behavior.

What don’t folks understand about this man’s insanity talking about injecting bleach into your body to fight the virus.

How can you possibly accept his putting Jared Kushner in charge of anything that he is so obviously unqualified to do. The disregard for American lives is painful to watch.

He constantly blames others for his obvious ignorance at performing the job of President of the United States. We should be ashamed that this is the person we have representing us to the world. He’s an utter embarrassment.

Trump’s moronic behavior in not wearing a mask is appalling. Like Trump many of his followers don’t believe in science. What putrid, ignorant and selfish behavior when it’s proven that wearing a mask could cut back the spread of the disease by 70%. For those of you not good at arithmetic, that’s a bunch.

This guy fooled me once, but I’m not a big enough fool to not now understand this man and the nonsense he spreads is a virus that is sadly as deadly as the COVID-19 virus.

Folks take off your Fox News Google’s and let some logic seep into your lives.

Barry Stine

Homosassa Springs