We were traveling through Alabama and saw a sign for a side trip to a Confederate Memorial Park, so the decision was made to stop. The park was about a soldier’s home which was opened to Confederate veterans in 1902. The soldiers who lived there could no longer live on their pension funds. I was impressed with the history of the park, for what it stood for and for the state of Alabama to have open such a wonderful historical place. A Capt. Jefferson Manly Falkner owned 80 acres and donated the acreage for the soldiers to live out their lives in peace and dignity.

As we were going through the museum, a quote that was said by Capt. Jefferson Manly Falkner really caught my attention. He wrote this: “A land without monuments is a land without heroes,” and that is the point of this letter. We are allowing many monuments to be taken down because people object to what they stand for, but in reality, we are distorting what is the history of our nation and we will soon become a nation that is no longer. This is a very sad precedent we are setting for future generations. We need to teach old history along with the new history so that our nation can grow to be great again. Without the old, the new means nothing. We need both to continue to grow.

Ellen Fondren


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CitrusCo Citizen

I agree with you, Ellen, "We need to teach old history along with the new history so that our nation can grow to be great again." The true, old history that has been conveniently omitted from history textbooks (usually written by one man), which reveals the genocide of 6,000,0000 American Indians plus (First Nations) and the theft of their homelands; the Jim Crow years in the South decades after the Civil War (with those Confederate statues as grim reminders); descrimination against all new immigrants such as Italians, Irish, Jews, Poles, Germans, Chinese, Hispanics, North Africans, Middle Easterners, etc. etc..: descrimination against all religions that weren't Protestant, such as Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, etc.: child labor during the industrial revolution, no voting rights for women, African-Americans, and Indigenous American Indians; corrupt presidents and other government leaders, greed in the corporate world, etc. etc. etc., History textbooks and history teachers must teach the whole story, the real truth about the history of America. If our children only memorize facts and dates about who won which war and when and what treaties were made then they will never know the whole truth, learn from the mistakes, and make America greater. Those who do not learn from the real history of America, are doomed to repeat it


If you want to see a statue of a real hero go to Greenville Texas. There's a statue of Audie Murhy. Nashville Tennessee has a statue of Alvin York, another real hero. Those who only believe in freedom only when convenient or pleasant are cowards, not heroes.


Ellen if one follows your logic...the statues of Saddam Hussein and Joseph Stalin should have never been torn down. Really?!


A country who erects select memory monuments become a country with only select memories.


We don't need no stinking slavers monuments.


Read some of Abe Lincoln's quotes on race and you'll be wanting to burn all your $5 bills!


A quote is not a monument. On topic, you could have suggested burning the Lincoln Monument, or would that be just a little too far for even you.

CitrusCo Citizen

How about a momument for Susan B. Anthony, since we're going to be celebrating the 100th anniversary for granting American women the right to vote! Creating a momument celebrating the granting of a huge portion of the American population voting rights seems a lot more productive than celebrating the deadliest, bloodiest, most divisive, most tragic period of time in American history.


You should start a fund to build one - why not start with $1000 of your money instead of mine?

CitrusCo Citizen

OK! You betcha! Thanks for the great idea Gun-Man, I will and I 've got the money ready right here and right now! And I have friends with money! And while we're at it how about monuments for Elizabeth Cady Stanton, as well as some Florida heroes, such as Mary McCleod Bethune and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas! These people believe in equal rights, education and protection of the environment for ALL American women, regardless of race, enthnicity or religion. They didn't believe in Americans destroying Americans.

Comment deleted.

You are correct - Leftists don't just want everyone else's money; they want to control your money, your home, your land, your children, your guns, your speech, what you read, how you worship and what you even think. Ask the Venezuelans , Cubans, Chinese or any of the other 'socialist' countries what their governments want. I think its a great idea for you to build monuments to anyone you like - as long as you pay for it instead of the taxpayers,

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