Mr. Mulligan, I take issue with your opinion-fact remark regarding No. 3 in your Sunday column. If you do not consider as fact that the Democrats are conducting a witch hunt in the form of impeachment proceedings, you must only read the New York Times and listen to CNN. Fact: The Democrats have stated from the day Trump was sworn in that they were gearing up to impeach him. Congress people such as Waters and Greene have openly advocated for impeachment from day one. I think if you are open-minded when the AG report comes out you will report it fairly.

Edward Bailey


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After watching the impeachment, he is not only a witch, he is a very corrupt witch.

CitrusCo Citizen

Apparently, Trump identifies as a witch and not a wizard. He needs to be more careful about that, considering the horrible fate of thousands of "witches" in Europe and colonial America just a few hundred years ago--torture and deaths dealt out by Christian extremists! Then and now, the proof of witchcraft by witches was and is based on people's opinions and not on facts.


Bless your heart Edward Bailey. May the truth find you soon.

Miuke Nelson

On Sondland testimony From Fox News " he took out the bus and ran over President Trump, Vice President Pence, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani, Mick Mulvaney,” he added. “He implicates all of them.” Chris Wallace

and then there is Fox News contributor Ken Starr suggesting that Republican senators might consider taking a trip to the White House to possibly discuss Trump’s resignation, à la Richard Nixon.

Looks like we found a witch according to FOX NEWS!


Bailey, If you are so concerned about what the Chronicle prints then you should be just as concerned about what you read. Please go read the Mueller Report. By the way, there is no AG report coming. Just like the Impeachment Hearings have proven, Trump doesn't care if any investigations are actually done by Ukraine, he just wants investigations to be announced on TV so he could add the announcements to his power bucket. Same with this imaginary AG report. He wanted Barr to declare that one is being done so Barr declared, for the president's benefit, that there would be an investigation but has no intentions of actually doing anything. All smoke and mirrors being used by a wanna be mob boss.


Mr. Bailey it appears you have a very closed mind. To call out Mr. Mulligan and stipulate CNN where is Your Mind? Division is the calling for all of this ruckus which needs to end. Thanks for fueling the fire with your stupidity!

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