Has anyone heard of walk away? That is the Democrats walking away from the Democratic Party. I am one of those people. They have become radical. If anyone wants what they are trying to sell the American people, then vote Democrat. You do not have to like President Trump to see what he has done for all Americans.

If the Democrats get in, this country will never be the same. Do you want socialism-communism? If so, then you should look at Cuba and Venezuela. They have nothing — only rice, beans and $25 a month. Look at Venezuela, they are struggling to survive. Take a trip to those countries and see if you still want

socialism-communism. If that does not change your mind nothing will.

I do not want to see America like those countries. We do not want to lose our freedom. Those who do not like America should leave and go back where they came from. This will be our last and only chance to get it right. If we do not, we are in for the worst of times, just like those other countries. Wake up, America, before it is too late.

Free everything? Who is going to pay for that? Guess who? The government will be in our face for everything. God bless America. I hope you all walk away like I did from the Democratic Party.

Anastasia DeRose


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Miuke Nelson

Barbara Anne has been a registered Republican since at least 2011 Party Affiliation: Republican Party Registered to Vote In: Citrus County, Florida Registration Date: 08/04/2011 Voter Status: Active

CitrusCo Citizen

Nice try, Derose, and somewhat of a creative and rather desperate lie, that backfired. Are you getting desperate? 4,000 years ago Aesop taught us that "desperate times call for desperate measures" in his fable about the murderer, the river, and the crocodiles.


I’m betting she gets government checks, Medicare Medicaid or disability, and part of the “ I got mine so forget about you” crowd.


Exactly when were you a Democrat?

CitrusCo Citizen

She was never a Democrat--she made that up to add drama. This is just another specious, rambling letter from her, probably caused by watchng Fox Propaganda Channel 24-7-365 and then parroting everything she's heard without any attempt at organization.


Are you saying that there has been a 'lie' perpetrated on the people? Wow, imagine something like that coming from a Trump supporter. Strange how the people of non-color (if we can have constant references to 'people of color' then 'people of non-color' seems appropriate) like to use the lie as the main tool in the tool box. Makes me believe that what they are trying to build will not stand the test of time. Let's hope so.


She was probably a Democrat in the South when it was the party of Jim Crow and the KKK. Her granddaddy probably turned over in his grave when she first voted Republican.


Probably true - the Democrats have always been the party of Plantation Politics - keep the poor dependent and they have to vote for you. Twenty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson declared a “War on Poverty"; After billion$ and billion$, according to the NY Times the poverty rate has 'plummeted' from 19% to 15%. Why? Because the Democrats insisted on keeping the poor in chattel slavery to the government rather than actually helping them.


So what happened during the Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, Bush and Trump Administrations. Since Kennedy there have been 10 Presidents and 6 of those ten have been Republicans. Odds are off base in attempting to blame poverty on the Democrats. After all, wasn't it Trump who said, "I love the poorly educated".

CitrusCo Citizen

So what is your plan for helping the poor or is there no plan at all? In your view, the poor should all be forced to work, in jobs below minimum wages, with young children left, somewhere with no government-paid childcare, and older children and the elderly working hard too. In your world, all Medicaid and welfare should be cut off to save taxpayers money, and the poor's illnesses and injuries should just be ignored with no socialist safety nets because after all, everyone knows they can't pay their medical bills, anyway. Public housing? Forget about it. They can just continue to live with no running water or indoor bathrooms in shanty towns and tents like they did when "America was great", or just cardboard boxes under bridges or out in the forest, with no government help. If their jobs are far away and they have no access to affordable government paid public transportation, well they can just walk--it's good for them. According to you, there should be no attempt to prevent them from dropping out without a high school diploma, because they should be working as soon as possible, preferably right out of middle school and government paid education would be a waste of time and money. To you, poverty should be accepted or ignored--the poor did it to themselves, they deserve to be poor, and they can just stay poor, generation after generation. And if Democrats care about helping the poor, or ARE the poor, then oh well, they should deal with it without using any government money. After all that would be (oh the horror)--socialism!!

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