We have to speak up and acknowledge what some Republicans are doing on our behalf in our country. Our state representatives stopped the expansion of Medicaid, they continue to move funding for our public schools to mostly religious schools. The Trump administration has appointed as our secretary of education one who has never attended public school nor have her children. She does not believe in evolution and does not believe it should be taught in our schools.

On the state level, the Republicans appointed a chairman of the state Board of Education who does not believe that evolution should be taught in the public schools either. We need our children to keep pace with the rest of the industrial world and not fall back because our leaders are not up to the job of leading us in the 21st century. The Republican Party keeps thinking of ways to stop people from voting and they will not acknowledge that President Obama is responsible for our recovery that we are experiencing right now.

One billion-plus dollars given to every state for road work, bridges and overpasses was not chicken feed, although he wanted $3 trillion and only was able to get

$87 billion passed into law. The administration ran on promoting a bigger infrastructure bill, but that has not happened. Just like all the other promises Trump made to the American people that never happened. There has not been one single bill to fund infrastructure work since President Obama had his stimulus package signed into law. Sen. Mitch McConnell will not bring any bill that the U.S. House of Representatives have passed to the floor of the Senate for a vote. When citizens complain about Congress not doing their job, it’s not because the Democrats are not doing their job. It’s now obvious to everyone at this point, that it’s the Republicans in the Senate that have stopped the government from functioning and they are blaming the president because they’re not sure he will sign anything.

I just happened to see a letter today expressing the opinion that the Republican Party is still the party of Lincoln. I’m sorry to inform you that the Lincoln Republican Party died with him, and that ideal was not resurrected again until LBJ took office and those ideals were folded into the Democratic Party; it was the start of our country regaining its soul.

Roger Cullen

Old Homosassa

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Mitch McConnell continues to undermine the will of the people. I'm sure that some quick research will turn up a long list of his blocks to democracy, including blocking a legitimate Supreme Court nominee from a sitting president of the wrong party.


The president can tell McConnell that he will sign a bill put on his desk. Then at the last minute he can back out and say no. So what McConnell is saying is that he expects the president to sign a bill into law before the Senate even votes on it and once he signs it, then they will vote on it. That is not how the process works.

It appears that McConnell is incompetent and unable to do his job at this point. Can he please go away so that out country can get back to being a country instead of a fiefdom . An employee that doesn't do their job deserves to get fired.


The Republican Party is the party of John (Buck Tooth) Booth, not Abraham Lincoln.

CitrusCo Citizen

Next he'll want to get rid of elections, period. And that will be the end of democracy. His dream of becoming a dictator will come true. And his family will follow his path, creating a dynasty. Is that what you want, people?


The only promise that Trump has kept is tax cuts for the richest and corps...who did not turn them in to higher wages...but went to stock buybacks. He still has not released his tax reports, Mexico has not paid for a wall, etc. Now there are some Republicans that want to challenge him for office and he said he will not debate them..and wants to eliminate any Republican primaries in any State. Sure sounds like a communist strategy...must have been listening to Putin.

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