Some argue that 100% dependence on renewable fuel sources is not possible. If that is true, how are some nations managing to do it? Here is a list of those countries and the percentage of fuel usage coming from renewable sources: Iceland 100%; Sweden 95%; Costa Rica 100% during some months of the year; Nicaragua, 90%; Scotland 100%; Germany 78%. China, although the world’s largest polluter, is also the world’s biggest investor in renewable energy sources, so they are catching up with the rest. Where is the good old USA, you say? Somewhere between Morocco and Kenya, that’s where. Don’t believe it? It’s easy to look it up online.

William Collins


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CitrusCo Citizen

Absolutely, William. And there are several less developed countries that are much further along than the USA. Also, many of these countries (e.g. Japan, Italy, Germany) have excellent electric train systems that service the public very efficiently, which certainly frees up the traffic on roads and maintains cleaner air. They also do a good job with recycling plastics and aluminum. We are falling further and further behind countries and it's downright embarrassing (and polluting).

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