I wrote a letter to the Chronicle comparing coronavirus statistics of the USA with six other countries. Four days later, I recalculated the stats, found they were much worse, so I resent the letter with the new numbers. I also noted that Judy Woodruff on PBS News Hour said that the USA had the highest per capita death rate in the world, so that info was included as well. Later I found that info was incorrect. As luck would have it, I hadn’t deleted her recording. Replaying the News Hour verified she actually said the USA had the highest per capita death rate in the world. It pays to verify information. Today, five days later, I again recalculated the numbers. Our death toll has risen to 79,425, which is 71,470 more than the sum of the death tolls from the six other countries.

China committed atrocities at the expense of the rest of the world. Nonetheless, many developed nations did quite well protecting their citizens from the coronavirus. Unlike the USA, their leaders listened to their medical scientists and took immediate and well thought out steps to significant reduce the death toll. Now a key component of safely reopening our country is testing, which is unequivocally inadequate, regardless of what the White House claims. So, are we jumping the gun? I think Stephen Colbert said it best. "Trump believes that getting the economy moving is at this point, the only way he can get reelected, so he’s going to try to do it no matter what the risk is to Americans."

Thank god for freedom of speech!


Lee Kane

Crystal River