This is in reply to Harriet Heywood’s Feb. 27 letter to the editor, “Democrat Party in a crisis.” I somewhat agree with her statement that “the Democrat Party is in a full-blown identity crisis mode.” Actually, it’s in a chaotic state of it’s own making being faced with undoubtedly the worst line-up of candidates in our country’s history and the substantial major accomplishments of President Trump.

The party’s main message is clear. Hate Trump. Other messages include tyrannical taxation, including a wealth tax on IRA accounts, supporting sanctuary cities at the expense of citizens, unlimited and unending regulations to control the lives of everyone and plans to add $30 trillion or more to the national debt

Ms. Heywood states that Sanders “is the only candidate worth supporting in this year’s election.” Regrets, Harriet, but I find your statement downright laughable. And to add merriment, you state “Bernie Sanders is no socialist — merely a Keynesian reformer like FDR.” Apparently you’re not aware of or choose to ignore his honeymoon trip to Russia, his support of Fidel Castro and the Sandinistas, and his own claim be a democratic socialist, when every bone in his body screams communist.

I believe the Keynesians would take issue with your comparing Bernie with them. Americans have every reason to fear a Sanders socialist brand. Super Tuesday will provide the results to see who the Democrat Party will support. In the final analysis, President Trump will be reelected, probably by a landslide.

Al Schroedel