Patricia McCarthy, a former assistant director in the Department of Justice, recently said on the standoff between the president and Congress, “It’s part of a conspiracy to sicken America with a truth-resistant cancer based on hatred of Trump for his many successes, record-low unemployment, a roaring economy, his unwavering support for Israel, the revitalization of manufacturing in the U.S., tax cuts that have worked spectacularly on several levels.” Her metaphor of cancer is powerful and unfortunately true.

Democrats hate Trump not really for his successes or any of that. They hate him just to hate him. No reason, no rationale, no thought. Some time ago, I asked a pickleball friend what he didn’t like about Trump, “He’s a liar,” he shouted. I thought he was kidding. I then pointed out that probably everybody in politics and most people in life can be accused of that, but it didn’t matter. He hated Trump just because well, he just hated Trump.

There’s no reasoning with people like that. Consider this: Donald Trump at one time was the toast of New York. They ran articles on him in the newspapers and magazines, the he way he dressed, his limousines, his buildings, his hair, his family. They sought his opinion on men’s shoes, women’s clothing, babies, cars, just about everything. He was on talk shows, and the almost 100% liberal audiences cheered him wildly.

What changed? What changed is that he ran for president opposite lefty favorite Hillary Clinton. Overnight Donald Trump became the most hated man on the planet. Not for anything he’d done or said, but because he dared stand up to the lefty establishment. The more critical and bitter the criticism they poured on him, the more effectively he fought back. Rather than whine and fold, he stood tall and clobbered them. And he knocked them out.

Now there’s no forgiving him. Donald Trump beat them and now he’s about to take the entire leftist infrastructure down.

Gerard Del Vecchio


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CitrusCo Citizen

Whether or not he's impeached before Nov. 2020 is anyone's guess. Some feel that impeachment will somehow give him an advantage, while others can't wait to have him impeached. But if he isn't impeached and miraculously goes on to win the presidency in 2020, he will definitely be impeached, sooner or later over the course of those next four years 2020-24. And then once he's no longer president in 2025, or before, and is a private citizen again at age 78, he'll either be in court every day for the rest of his life, or in prison for the rest of his life which could be another 20 years (I hope), while we will be able to enjoy the upcoming production of "Trump: The Opera"!


Here we go again.....another week. If the US is in such a state of emergency with Mexico, Why is the Clown over in Great Britain? still Playing Golf? Wouldn't it be best if he stayed here handling this "Emergency?" He's a disgrace. There's no other way to put it. Let's face it, admit this Clown has destroyed our country and divided it like no other president!

CitrusCo Citizen

I know a person who is a chronic liar, a bully, a secret racist, a user of men and women, a narcissist, a coward, cruel, classless, lawless, arrogant and practically illiterate. What's not to hate in this president?


“the revitalization of manufacturing in the U.S., tax cuts that have worked spectacularly on several levels”. “Worked spectacularly” for who, Russia?

It was a lie from the very beginning. Every Republican who used the made up term “Job Creators” knew it was a lie, or is a fool. Consumers are 70% of the US economy, that's not liberal, or “lefty” talk, that is economic law and reality.


Gerald is obviously a far right supporter. Had he ever read anyone else's letter he would know why democrats hate Trump, and their are many reasons but he fabricates his version of why they dislike Trump hoping to sway some voter and turn heads. Other letters to the editor have spelled it out in plain English and those on the right ignore the facts. Just today he is calling for a boycott of AT@T just because he doesn't like CNN. If any other political figure used his position and made a statement like that he would be removed from his position and sued. The people on the right don't realize that one day soon we will have a democrat President and he will be able to use all the same precedents that Trump has exploited . I can hardly wait to hear them scream when a democrat declares a national emergency over guns, health care, abortion, daca or anything else.

CitrusCo Citizen

Old man Del Vecchio, will never read these postings and if he does, he'll be too afraid to respond to them. He just types away on his typewriter, snail mails them to the Chronicle and gets them printed. He doesn't get any information from the "world wide web"--just one TV station Fox Noise which is on 24-7-365.. He's perfectly content in In his oblivious extremist right wing bubble.

Miuke Nelson

"Democrats hate Trump not really for his successes or any of that. They hate him just to hate him. No reason, no rationale, no thought. " I don't hate Trump. Read the Mueller Report (it's online and I have read it all and no it does not exonerate Trump) and you'll begin to understand why Trump must go if we are to save our country. Being a liar is just the part of it. Being intentionally divisive, being a useful idiot for Putin and a despot wannabe implying he would execute his opponents (that is the definition of hate) round it out. There's plenty more not to like.

another. The few patriotic republicans that still stand have produced several pieces of media critical of Trump. A group of prominent Republican attorneys from Republicans for the Rule of Law this week released a new video arguing that President Donald Trump would have been charged with obstruction of justice by special counsel Robert Mueller had Department of Justice guidelines allowed for the indictment of a sitting president.

Hundreds of former federal prosecutors have signed onto a statement asserting that President Trump would have been indicted for obstruction of justice were he not currently serving as president.

In an open letter organized by the nonprofit group Protect Democracy had roughly 400 signatures when it was initially posted Monday afternoon on Medium. The letter neared 700 signatures and is now probably closer to 1000.

Plenty of reasons to want him out of office.


Has there ever been a criminal investigation or trial that ended with "He is completely innocent of any crime and we will stake our reputations and careers on it!"? The answer is of course 'No', because people are found either 'Guility or 'not Guilty' depending on the evidence. There is no such thing as finding a person 'Innocent' for obvious reasons - if they have committed ANY INFRACTION, no matter how slight, they are not technically 'Innocent'. No one on the planet is 'Innocent', even you.


Convoluted as usual, Gmen. MACA - Make America Convoluted Again. As you say, no one on the planet is 'Innocent', but there are a lot of people who are down-right guilty.


Your hatred of hatred is getting so tiresome, Gerard. Please, take up a new hobby.

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