I am so tired of conservative voters thinking they know why I dislike Trump. It has no bearing on that he had Russia help him win the Electoral College. The election is long over. Now the dislike for Trump comes from Trump’s name calling, his actions, his personal attacks and his constant tweeting. There was no coup, no conspiracy, no deep state. These are all sound bites from Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham, Limbaugh, etc. They have no facts, but they have tons of theories.

I don’t know what successes Mr. Del Vecchio speaks of in his letter. I know that Trump and his cronies gave a tax cut to the 1% and corporations. I myself haven’t seen any advantage to me with these cuts. I know that Trump is trying very hard to get rid of Obama’s legacy, deregulating every item that is good or bad for all citizens. Had Trump taken over after Bush/Cheney, I believe we would still be in the toilet.

I researched Trump when he announced he was running and, believe me, New Yorkers were not Trump fans.

Trump is not transparent. We don’t get transcripts of meetings with Russia (on American or foreign soil). We don’t get transcripts of North Korean meetings. We have no tax returns. As far as I know, he passed these tax cuts to benefit himself and family. Where is my proof?

Democrats have over 100 bills waiting for McConnell to bring to the Senate floor, but the biggest obstructer, McConnell, is too busy kissing up to Trump to do anything good for all Americans.

Non-Trump fans do not hate Trump. We dislike Trump due to his actions, his personal attacks, his tweeting, his not taking responsibly, his constant blaming of Democrats, his attacks on our allies, his lying constantly. I know you want to defend Trump by stating, “all politicians lie,” and some do, but not on a daily basis.

This 2016 election that Russia was involved in, and will still be in 2020 because our government has done nothing to keep them out of it, was not a boxing match, even though that is how you want to portray it.

I pray that the voters wake up in 2020 and see that Trump is for Trump and he is not presidential.

C.A. Jones

Floral City

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Trump is only for Trump and his wallet, not for the American people or our way of life.

Dont tread on me

Show me the data, how has he benefited from his presidency?


Republican political campaigns and U.S. government agencies have spent more than $16 million on Trump properties for events, lodging, meals, rounds of golf and more since Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign in 2015, according to data collected by ProPublica. https://www.axios.com/donald-trump-properties-taxpayer-campaigns-presidency-91e3755d-23cd-42d1-897d-c0c81ac509dd.html President Donald Trump and his company filed a lawsuit to stop the release of financial documents, news about foreign governments renting space in Trump World Tower raise more emolument concerns and details emerge about taxpayers footing the bill for a night of drinking at Mar-a-Lago. https://www.facebook.com/ The president has an unprecedented number of legal entanglements compared to even the most challenged previous president. These include lawsuits brought in state and federal court by individuals, companies, and state attorneys general against him personally and in his role as president. His company, the Trump Organization, his charity, the Trump Foundation, and his three oldest children also face lawsuits and a variety of potential jeopardy. https://www.facebook.com/dialog/close_window/?app_id=966242223397117&connect=0


Another blah, blah letter from someone who refuses to accept the accomplishments of a President who loves his country and it's people. The Democrats and their manufactured conspiracy theory, their love for taxes and socialism are the ruin of this country.


"Another blah, blah letter"? He does love the uneducated..

CitrusCo Citizen

And he really loves "The Brainwashed"!

CitrusCo Citizen

Historically, some of Trump's damage is short term and will be forgotten eventually--the bullying, name-calling, arrogance, lying, etc. Some of the damage will be remembered for a lifetime--the 2300 babies, toddlers, children and teens taken from their families and locked up for months and even years, the rise and strengthening of White Supremacy hate groups. But what is really frightening is the permanent damage that Trump has done to the democracy of the United States in terms of the weakening and eroding of the Constitution, the loss of status as a respectable and trustworthy world power, and the destruction of the environment--these last three things are what we fear will cause great suffering for our grandchildren. It is up to us to make sure that they will remember that President Donald John Trump is to blame.


Actually, there was a coup, a conspiracy, and a deep state. These are all sound bites from Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham, Limbaugh, etc., because they are backing it all. They have all facts, because they are involved in it up to their necks and Trump is their leader. There is a deep state and it belongs entirely to Trump and Russia and is designed to tear down America. Russia said that they would tear down America from the inside out and Trump is their insider-in-charge.

Dont tread on me

Back up with facts. Mueller could not find any ties to Russia, the people you name all supported someone other than Trump, then Trump proved them to be wrong in their assessment of him. I did not support him, but voted against Hillary instead of for him. Trump has done more good for the republic, the constitution, minorities and economy than Obama did in 8 years


The Mueller report is all the facts that are needed. Try reading it. Back up anything good that he has done with facts.....as in real facts not Trump facts (Trump facts, now there's an oxymoron). I'm thinking that there are some regrets being expressed in a kind of backward fashion when someone says, "I did not support him, but voted against Hillary instead of for him".

Dont tread on me

List exactly how Trump has done any of the things you claim. And for your info, we do not have a democracy.

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