I am sick and tired of the anti Trumpers. The comments and lies are always according to unknown sources, someone said, an unidentified whistle-blower, an ex-official. If what they are saying is true, then why not give your name. I heard from an unknown source that God came down and bestowed special blessings on Donald J. Trump to Keep America Great against those who wish to destroy our country and Constitution, and that we all should respect him. Anyone want to prove that is untrue?

Jack Koehler


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Nah! Likely it wasn't "God who came down." Likely it's that other guy who came down, then fooled somebody.


Not only is he a Straight Fool. the Clown needs to audition Again! This time perhaps he can entertain us with Another lie. Whelp, All the other Clowns with no Integrity or Morals.


Like the unknown "reliable" source that called Trump and told him Former POTUS Obama did not have a US birth certificate? Or concerning Benghazi, or heeeeer emaaaaails! I'm sure you weren't sick of unknown sources back them.

CitrusCo Citizen

Actually the sources aren't unknown. They are the shock jock conspiracy theorists who are allowed to have a microphone and broadcast their looney lies to the world (Remember Pizza-gate?). Thank goodness people are holding them accountable for their lies by suing their you know what off in court. Alex Jones got what he deserved from the parents of the Sandy Hook victims. What's sickening are the Americans who actually believe that garbage from conspiracy theorists and religious leaders who tell their worshipers that Trump is the messiah, sent to save the world. .


Jack, as soon as you prove to me that there is a god, I promise that I will tell you who the whistle blower is.

Miuke Nelson

Trump and those who follow him blindly are the one's out to destroy America. How can you sit there and watch this man and respect him? He is a thug, I a cannot fathom what he has done to earn anyone's respect and loyalty.

People want to remain anonymous because they fear retaliation. Anyone think Trump wouldn't retaliate if he didn't like the story whether true or not is a fool.

When Trump accuses powerful political rivals of a coup, calls for them to be arrested for treason, makes veiled comments (threats) about having them executed, calls for communist countries to help him (not is own agencies) what chance does a common man have without anonymity?

The problem is not so much anonymity as it is truthfulness, whether anonymous or not. Trump sets the bar there. If you are going to call out liars. Start there.

CitrusCo Citizen

Jack, you mean your tired of pro-Trumpeters not anti Trumpers. If that's true then join the crowd! I actually had a totally Tump-free weekend while out in the boondocks canoe-camping with friends and family. Before the trip, we agreed to not whisper one word about Trump for the whole weekend and everyone was smiling when they went home. Very relaxing and fun. Try a Trump-free weekend and you'll smile, too.


Jack there are multi millions that agree with you!


Jack...if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck....it is a duck.....Trump is your duck...if he lies like a liar, cheats like a cheater, tweets like a nut, bullies like a bully, praises himself because he has to reaffirm his greatness because intelligent thinkers will not...he is a duck.


Ur right, KerinR, "there's a sucker born every minute," and after a while they stack up.


Then, Jack, there are multi millions of intelligent people who don't agree with you.

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