Response to the coronavirus is working. Hopefully, we will soon see light at the end of the tunnel. President Trump’s administration approach has been amazing, with the best minds possible.

Most surely, no one else could have led this program. Never before has a leadership team put together a plan so rapidly as what we have seen. Possibly, the time during World War II may have been as well administered. However, we could see the enemy then and could face it with definite plans. With the problem we have today it is really difficult to know exactly how to defeat it.

One disturbing event I have seen is during the question session on each update, instead of constructive questions, almost all are negative in an effort to get our president to say something the reporters can use as a sound bite to attack him. When watching various news programs, instead of praise for the team, often criticism is abundant, while those critics have no solution.

I really hope the recovery package will go a long way toward making life better for many. This, along with the hoped-for positive outcomes toward defeat of the unseen enemy will have our country back to some semblance of normalcy soon.

Avoid crowds and observe the 6 foot rule. Support our president and his amazing team. Also, pray to God, since He is always in control.

Robert E. Hagaman