In his letter, “No facts, just speculation,” Gerald Del Vecchio states that the House of Representatives has no facts about obstruction in the Trump campaign and administration. I would like to offer just a little information that may change Mr. Del Vecchio’s mind, if he chooses to consider it.

First, Mr. Del Vecchio should read the Mueller Report. It is freely available at Amazon and other places on the internet. Hardcopies are available at Barnes and Noble for a nominal fee. Mr. Mueller has urged every citizen to read this. And as taxpayers, we paid for it.

If he doesn’t have time to read the entire report, Mr. Del Vecchio can just read Volume II Section II. This section details a large number of actions by the president that each likely constitute obstruction of justice.

Don’t take my word for it. Several hundred former prosecutors from both parties have signed a letter confirming this. This letter too may be easily found online. Anybody not president of the United States would have been charged with multiple instances of obstruction. It is time to hold the president accountable to the rule of law, using just the facts.

David Burns

Floral City

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Won't even give our military the day off! Selfish, thoughtless Dot...


The Wanna-Be Dictator now is going to have his, I repeat his, military parade on the 4th of July. The holiday that has always had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the bravery of 'the people' and their patriotism to their country. Trump apparently believes that he has the right to completely hijack a nation's holiday for one of his MAGA glory rallies. The millions of dollars he will spend to show off his ugly prowess will have been better spent on veteran's benefits, infrastructure......oh god, let's face it.....anything but for the two hours he will use it to pump up his huge ego. The 4th, in Washington DC, has always catered to the kids to give them a sense of country in a grand remembrance celebration of history and patriotism. Trump is apparently planning on showing the kids what it looks like to live in a dictatorship. This should make his buddies, Putin and Kim 'love' him even more. He just knows that this costly display of petty showmanship will put him right up there with them, not really caring that it does nothing for our country. The United States military does not need to show off as we all know how strong and capable they are. Americans should always remember that the military of the United States of America serves 'the people' of the United States of America not the President, or at least it used to be that way.

CitrusCo Citizen

The best thing that could happen would be NO MEDIA COVERAGE at all of "Me the People's Vanity 4th of July Parade". If there are no photographs, no video, no audio of his "speech", no reporting in any major newspapers or television statsion, then there will be no "fake news", right? He only cares about crowd size, and being on TV, so let's not give him what he craves. Americans of all political parties, citizenship status, race, religion, gender, etc. will NOT be watching TV--they will be having fun with their families all over the U.S. (or trying to), playing games outside, laughing, eating, and watching fire works displays in their neighborhoods. They will care less about what's happening in DC. with Trump's very expensive party for himself. And so whatever happens in DC stays in DC, right?

CitrusCo Citizen

Thank you, Mr. Burns. And three other words: Trump's Tax Returns. Soon.


Could care less about his tax returns as welll as could care less about yours. Care about America and it is NOW on the right track

Miuke Nelson

Children in concentration camps Yaeh right track


Well, Atlas, we would like to see America back on the left track. Worked much better then.


Attlass....his tax returns will be given to Congress...and you will support it as a MAGA person you must be very respectful of the law. BTW...over 700 former federal prosecutors have signed the letter stating that the current POTUS did obstruct justice....and I am sure that must really concern you as a pure MAGA law abiding citizen of our great nation.

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