We elect people to Congress to lead our country. However, at the present time, the hatred for President Trump is so strong that Congress is totally paralyzed. It would be better for our country if all the Democrat Congresspersons would just resign. I’m not sure that the Republicans can do much better, but it is time to give them a chance.

Allowing a few congressmen to shut our government down to nurse their wounds is unconscionable. Also, there should be enough respectable Democrats in Congress to put a stop to this nonsense. It is much like a bunch of little kids playing a game of who likes who.

President Trump speaks his mind in a way that makes many of us cringe. At the same time, he has accomplished much good for our country, even in the face of unrelenting pressure. Although the media will not acknowledge it, respect on the world stage is much higher. He expects other countries to do their part in world affairs, rather than take advantage of us while we grovel at their feet.

Most Democrat presidential candidate hopefuls do not have a clue, based on their proposals. They all believe that government is the answer to everything. None of the socialistic programs currently in force are self supporting. Without a capitalist mentality strongly in force, all these programs would fail miserably. Just take a look at education, for example. With no one left to earn the money to pay the taxes for education, what would support our public education system? Also, socialist programs open us up to greed and fraud.

A return to Godly principles in government would do wonders for our country.

Robert E. Hagaman


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So what you appear to be saying, Robert, is that Trump is not so godly. He is, after all, our government right now, so I would say, good call. What America needs is a godly president, not someone like Trump.

CitrusCo Citizen

The return to the Godly principles is the only part of this letter that is acceptable. Release the brown-skinned babies, toddlers, children and teens from prison camps and help them to be reunited to their families. That's Godly! Provide medical care, food, shelter and utilities for the poor and working poor of our very rich nation. That's Godly! Let a person marry whoever she or he is in love with. That's Godly! . Respect other nations and don't incite wars in order to sell more weapons. That's Godly! Respect fellow American citicizens and don't discriminate and even hate, based on their race, gender, age, ability, gender preference, national origin, religion, or level of education. That's Godly! Respect and protect Mother Earth's waters, air, soil, forests and animals. That's godly. But under this administration, only the Un-Godly is happening and some people see nothing wrong with that. And it's horrifying.

Truth Crusader

Are you kidding, Mr. Hagemann? I've attached a website for you to read. Please get your facts straight. https://www.newsweek.com/republicans-democrats-house-senate-100-bills-1433843


Godly? How many bills has Moscow Mitch blocked from the house to the senate? There is your congressional gridlock.


If you pretended you oversaw the most powerful military, diplomatic corps, and liberal political system in human history, and you wanted to discover the single action that would threaten a friendly people with atrocities, war crimes, and genocide; expose U.S. troops to attack by a foreign state’s military; scatter Islamist terrorist prisoners to the winds and invigorate their movement; boost anti-democratic, murderous regimes in Damascus, Ankara, Moscow, and Tehran; shred longstanding liberal alliances; and demoralize citizens of your own nation—you could have barely topped what President Trump has just done.


Poor Bob. He's so inebriated on the swill that he cannot focus on reality.


The Democrats in the House are passing tons of legislation on to the Senate. The Republicans in the Senate are sitting on all of it and refusing to even bring them to the floor. An argument that the Democrats are to blame for this mess is baseless and really just pathetic in its entirety. An argument for the minions.

CitrusCo Citizen

Absolute and complete rubbish.

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