In response to Mr. Reinhardt’s new and old ideas on schooling.

I graduated in 1963 from a small city (24,000) high school with my high school diploma and my regents diploma. I remember your old ideas of shop and economic classes; I personally hated shop, but economics was worthwhile. Also, history and civics classes were required.

New or old ideas of dual enrollment, especially in a vocational trade school. Just think, a diploma and the starting of a good Job.

Of course, we didn’t have home-schooling or the internet, but we learned in the classroom with lots of homework. We still need separation of church and state. I’m not sure on your support of charter schools — they drain public educaton funds.

We respected and obeyed our teachers. They were in charge. Nothing worse than a note from the teacher to your parents to be signed and returned during elementary and middle schools, but then we had two parents who really cared about us.

School uniforms were for parochial schools, as my wife says: “It was a great equalizer.” This will not work in Public education in Citrus County. On physical reprimand — not going to happen. We respected our teachers and didn’t need to be spanked.

We had safe schools. No bullying was tolerated by the staff. No armed guards were needed. No prison fencing was needed, because noone thought of bringing an NRA-sanctioned assault weapon to school.

In summary: Teachers should be in charge with back up support. No more armed guards. It is a school not a prison. Hold parents responsible for their children. Mandatory saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Flex ed is a great idea. Good luck on your dream.

Leslie Burdick