Alice Broussard asked in October just what does MAGA mean? Let me try to explain what “Make America Great Again” means.

First of all, it’s not about a country, it’s about a people. Maybe MAGA means a time when God was in our schools, in our lives. A time when police officers were our neighbors and were respected. A time when schools taught us American history, explained the purpose of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Or a time when as youth our goal was to get a good job and raise a family like our parents had.

Could it have been a time when we were proud to be American? When we were proud of our flag and the Pledge of Allegiance had meaning for us. A time of full employment, a time when families did activities together.

How many realize it was America who said no more to slavery? Not just in this country but around the world. Yes, we outlawed slavery and the rest of the world followed, but it was America who started it. Yet today there are those who act as if it was America who started slavery. The reality is America ended it.

It was America who first said people were free to worship their God, free to pursue their happiness and free of government intrusion. That is when America was at its greatest and it was because people believed in what America stood for, what it pursued and achieved. America raised the standard of living for millions, it gave them hope and dreams. All across the world it was America that was a beacon of hope and freedom because America and Americans did great things.

You see Alice, we are what makes America great. The time has come for us to reclaim our roots, get back to what we once believed in. America hasn’t changed, however, some of the people have.

Frank D. Lovell


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CitrusCo Citizen

Trump's MAGA means getting rid of anything that seems like Socialism and cutting off Medicaid and welfare for people who aren't working for a living, and cutting back on "wasteful spending" of taxpayers' dollars, right Lovell? So Trump is now Making America "Great" Again by ending SNAP benefits for 328,00 Floridians and 3 million American citizens nationwide, thus cutting back impoverished families' children's eligibility for the school lunch program AND the SNAP program. So they can go hungry at home AND at school and if that makes them sick, oh well, no wasteful Medicaid for them. And no more money will be wasted on new mothers with infants and toddlers who are living in poverty and on the WIC program. I'm sure you're delighted that any remnant of Socialism (caring for society) is dead or dying, Frank Lovell. But you might have to worry about former Trump voters finally making up their minds to abandon the Dark Side and vote more thoughtfully and carefully in 2020.


According to Trump, this morning, MAGA means France bad, Turkey good and this week he has flip-flopped from NATO bad to NATO good. Of course, we all know that the minute he gets home from London, NATO will be bad again. Worse than trying to get a 5 year old to eat peas. Then we have the U.S.A.G.S.O.N. (United States Attorney General Sheriff of Nottingham) William Barr, once again defending Trump against his own I.G.'s report on the Russia Investigation. MAGA- Make America Gangsterous Again.


Your Trump-Derangement- Syndrome comments here have absolutely no relationship to Making America Great Again. Just mindless blathering in my opinion.


Wow, I thought Republicans didn't like opinions. Republicans seem to find it very hard to keep to one side of the road. They do seem to love playing 'follow the leader'. The leader, Trump, is all over the place all the time, therefore, Republicans all over the place all the time. Trump going off the cliff....guess what!!!


"A time when schools taught us American history..." That must have the great part of America that you missed, Frank. Out of town that week or what?


Re: Maybe MAGA means a time when God was in our schools, in our lives.

Sounds, Frank, like ur the type that believes Trump is The Chosen One. Nothing to be ashamed of, Frank — uh, am I right?



What's True


In a brief aside during remarks about the ongoing U.S.-China trade war, Trump said "I am the chosen one."

What's False


Trump's "chosen one" aside was likely tongue-in-cheek, not a sincere profession of any belief in his own messianic status. Separately, in a series of tweets, Trump quoted a radio host who claimed Jewish people in Israel admired the U.S. president so greatly that it was as though Trump were the King of Israel or the second coming of Christ. Trump never himself articulated any such belief.


If ANYONE thinks he is the Messiah, Obama certainly fits the bill.


Sorry, alflorida, Obama never said anything like it. Trump did. Pony up and own it and own him....he said it. Why do you folks always try to run from Trump by running to Obama. Strange.

Miuke Nelson

"America hasn’t changed, however, some of the people have." Amen to that. Republicans used to believe in truth, justice, and the American way. In the era of Trump, , lies and abuse of power are excused and fearless leader has been anointed as the chosen one sent by God to fill the swamp with corrupt cronies. Now America really does need to be made great again. MAGA, convict

Miuke Nelson

Here's a great example of MAGA from this mornings news:

"A construction company owned by a Republican donor has been given a $400m (£308.5m) contract to build sections of Donald Trump’s border wall.

The Department of Defence has announced Fisher Sand and Gravel Co, from North Dakota, will build new barriers in Arizona following reports that Mr Trump repeatedly pushed for the company to be given the contract, despite concerns from engineering officials.

Mr Trump had urged officials from the Army Corps of Engineers to pick the company, according to Washington Post reports, and is a fan of the company’s CEO, Tommy Fisher, who has appeared on Fox News to promote the firm.

However, he was apparently told that Fisher Sand and Gravel’s bid did not meet the standards required for the project." But yet they got 400 million taxpayer dollars. MAGA, convict the 'tards.


Suggest you get much better informed. The lies, injustices, criminality, sedition, hypocrisy, treason, support of illegals, sanctuary cities, open borders, rejection of traditional American values of God, family and country all accurately define today's Communist (alas Democrat) Party , not the Republican Party. After 8 years of Obama, most folks know what abuse of power really looks like.

CitrusCo Citizen

This is to inform you, Frank that you get yet another F in U.S. History, as well as world history. The Slavery Abolition Act, (1833), in British history, was an act of Parliament that abolished slavery in most British colonies, freeing more than 800,000 enslaved Africans in the Caribbean and South Africa as well as a small number in Canada. It received Royal Assent on August 28, 1833, and took effect on August 1, 1834. Slavery in the U.S. was not abolished until 1865 with the passage of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as the bloodiest war (over slavery) in American history was ending. Also, the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees all Americans that religion cannot be established or forced upon people by the government. It's called Separation of Church and State. Thus, we are guaranteed Freedom OF Religion as well as Freedom FROM religion, when we walk into government buildings and public institutions. Our children can learn science, history, math, English, etc. in PUBLIC schools without the dogmas and doctrines of Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Scientology or any other religion or pseudo-religion pounded into their heads. Apparently, you did not attend public schools and that's o.k. Frank, but don't spread falsehoods and misinformation about U.S. History and the U.S Constitution. And by the way, Frank, we patriots feel that America IS a great country right now today, as compared to the other nations because we are free to speak, listen, read, write, worship, work, live, marry, and make medical and personal decisions--as we wish and choose. Sorry you missed out on that in your edumakation, Frank.


The First Amendment does not guarantee Freedom From Religion. It does prohibit those exercising Freedom Of Religion from forcing upon, and/or requiring compliance with, their religious views.


Frank and many others may have had the good fortune not to have been subjected to the brain washing and dumb downing of far too many government (alas public) schools, Private schools and home schooling enrollments are rising to prevent kids becoming "fodder" for those who would destroy our country. Suggest you Google "LEFT-WING INDOCTRINATION IN THE SCHOOLS: IT’S WORSE THAN YOU THINK".


Across the country in public schools, student achievement has been sliding as a “social justice” agenda has replaced rigorous instruction in the priorities of teachers and administrators. Our nations history is either not being taught, or if it is , it's is a revisionist version to meet the objectives of those who would destroy our country in favor of global government.

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