I was reading letters to the editor dated Oct. 18. Let’s clear a few things up here about impeachment. Let’s not let a good story get in the way of the truth. So I will go through it one by one.

The House of Representatives does not have to vote on an impeachment investigation because way back when, it was changed from going to court for a subpoena; the investigative committees can now do it on their own. It is an investigation. You do not have a judge for investigations. The writer also said only the Democrats are in on the investigations. Well, is that not the same as the Benghazi investigation? That’s the one Mr. Chavitz and Mr. Gowdy conducted and finally said on Fox News they could not find anything, then promptly left politics.

When all facts are collected and lead where they lead to, then, and only then, there is a vote to impeach or not. The full House gets the results of the investigation and the vote is public record. Simply put, the House is the grand jury and the Senate is the trial. And unlike Nixon’s attempted impeachment and Clinton’s, the Senate trial for removal, or not, will be on TV. That is the basic gist of impeachment.

John Ohle

Beverly Hills

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CitrusCo Citizen

Good summary. Thank you!

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