The recent Senate hearings should have sickened the hearts of real Americans. One senator equated the deaths in Atlanta and Boulder as merely “theater.” Another senator changed the subject of reasonable gun legislation to a false accusation.

It is worse since these were different lawmakers looking pathetic and not the senator from Wisconsin who said it was a jovial, unarmed peaceful protest on Jan. 6. I lived in Wisconsin for 18 years, and this may be one of the worst things he has said, but it is only one of the many unbelievable statements he has made.

Two things that are true. The first is history has shown us every great civilization has become rotten from within causing its fall. The second is when one steps outside today to get some fresh air, one will notice the foul odor present.

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God bless America and we certainly need it as we spiral down into anarchy and dictatorship.

Jerry Daniels