It is not often that Bill Claustre and I agree. He is a zealous supporter of the president and I am a progressive who cannot wait until we remove President Trump come November. We do agree, however, that the blame game must stop and we need to focus on a healthy America and reopening the nation’s economy.

Unfortunately, in his letter, Claustre fails to acknowledge the biggest blamer is the president. Trump is the person ready to blame everyone except his own administration for his shortcomings. He is the one who stood in front of the nation and declared he took no responsibility for the lack of testing, PPE and respirators.

For example, Trump blames China, perhaps legitimately. China seems to be less than candid about telling the world the truth about its role in the COVID-19 Virus creation and spread. Notably, however, analysts at the National Center for Medical Intelligence, a subsidiary of the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency, had been trying to alert Trump administration officials of the looming catastrophe for months before Trump finally took action.

The president continues to blame the World Health Organization. However, according to, Trump has “made a series of false, misleading and unsubstantiated claims about the WHO.” He forgets that the WHO declared a global emergency Jan. 30, nearly a month before Trump tweeted that “the coronavirus is very much under control in the USA” and six weeks before he declared an American national emergency on March 13.

Of course, it would not be a Trump event unless he blamed the Obama administration. Recall that during the presidential transition the Obama team warned the incoming Trump administration about a potential pandemic. A mock pandemic exercise with the incoming administration was conducted a week before the inauguration. Pandemic experts were in place in the White House but were later disbanded, fired and/or transferred by Trump’s administration. His inability to keep qualified staff in White House jobs has added to the disaster.

In the past few months, he has slammed the Press Corps for asking horrible questions, the governors for not thanking him for all he did for them and not doing enough themselves, and health care workers for stealing the equipment the federal government sends to hospitals.

Claustre fails to acknowledge Trump’s blame game during this national emergency is a perfect illustration of why Trump is failing as president.

Thomas Mitchell