Today is the day that you can officially say the United States has become a Banana Republic. When the president says and is supported by his lackeys like Jordan, Meadows and Rand Paul, that it is OK to knowingly break a federal law by exposing a whistleblower. Then I believe it is impossible for those people to say they support the Constitution. We are a nation of laws. The whistleblower complaint has been verified under oath by multiple people and is no longer open to questioning the facts. It is deeply disturbing the drafter dodger president continues to slander and demean long serving ambassadors and Purple Heart awarded soldiers with no push back from veterans. Inexcusable!

Two of the president’s closest supporters have been proven to lie. Three people have now testified that they told Pompeo that the lady ambassador was being forced out, and he still said with a straight face he did not know about it. The “acting secretary of state,” Ruday Giuliani, has been revealed to have been paid more than $500,000 by a Ukrainian company for advice. He said that is OK, but not OK for Biden’s son? Beyond belief!

When the right complains about the process, they fail to acknowledge that this is the exact same process Trey Gowdy used in the Benghazi hearings and has been validated by a federal judge. I ask why a House Republican who complains as to being shut out did not attend the hearing nor read the transcripts?

Another EPA change allowing more pollution from coal waste appears ready to happen. Air and water standards worsened in 2017 and 2018, dropping the USA into the mid 20s in rankings. 2019 may be the same. What a world we are leaving for our kids and grandkids.

Is McConnell no longer the leader of the Senate and just a messenger boy? There are more than 75 House passed bills he refuses to bring to the floor. Does he just take them to the White House and if told no by the president, trash them?

Jerry Daniels


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The entire Republican Party does indeed appear to be completely corrupt.

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