This is to address the inaccuracies in Wayne Wills’ Oct. 18 letter, “Four want to be judge and jury.” The first falsehood is that four Democrats want to be judge and jury. This part of the investigation is being led by committee chairs, but the entire committee of Democrats and Republicans take over asking any questions they like.

Secondly, the issue about conducting these behind closed doors is the same as a grand jury investigation — information is kept guarded so witnesses will not change or color their testimony based on what they hear from others.

Mr. Wills implies that just these few men would be able to bring articles of impeachment but again, incorrect. After their investigations, they send their findings to the judicial committee to fashion articles of impeachment, if so warranted. It is these articles of impeachment that are presented to the House of Representatives for everyone to vote on. If approved, it goes to the Senate, which conducts the trial with the Supreme Court chief justice as judge and all senators as the jury. At that time, all evidence and arguments are presented, similar to a regular trial.

Perhaps in the future, a little investigation on how the process works would prevent such misinformation.

Cathy Jones


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