Here is the rest of the story that Scudder Graybeal forgot to mention in his letter to the editor printed Dec. 17.

Trump’s proclamation is that he has never declared bankruptcy is true if referring to himself personally. However five of his corporate adventures declared bankruptcy. He has not been able to obtain a project loan from a USA bank since 1980. Due to these bankruptcies, subcontractors in New Jersey were not paid for their services. Many lost their businesses.

Trump looked elsewhere for financing. He borrowed money from German banks and others. The concern is “others.”

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The Trump SOHO hotel-condominium project in Manhattan got into financial straits. He borrowed $50 million from Tevfik Arif and members of the Sapir family from Kazakstan (a communist country). The Sapir’s bought three apartments in Trump’s facility and sold the apartments to Viktor Khrapunov, mayor of Kazakstan’s largest city for $3.1 million.

Other Russian millionaires provided loans to Trump projects. You will not see Trump’s tax returns, that would reveal The Russian loans.

He won’t admonish Vladimir Putin and publicly accepts Putin’s word over our U.S. intelligence community. Russian oligarchs are Putin’s buddies. Trump is afraid the loans would be called in if he spoke ill of Putin.

Trump’s serial failures, frauds and criminality since 1973, as reported by CBS News.

“My life has been about winning. My life has not been about losing,” says Trump.

Trump Rental Discrimination (busted by DOJ, 1973)

Trump Football Team – NJ Generals (failed 1985)

Trump Board Games (two failed 1990, 2005)

Trump Casino & Taj Mahal (cheated contractors $60 million, 1990 – failed 2014)

Trump Plaza (busted for discrimination to please Mafia boss John Gotti, 1991 – failed 2014)

Trump Tower (hired 200 illegal immigrants, 1991)

Two Marriages (failed 1992, 1999)

Trump Airline (failed 1992)

Trump Video/Internet (failed 1998)

Trump Ice (failed 2004)

Trump International Golf Links, Aberdeen Scotland (2006, incomplete and losing millions)

Trump Travel (failed 2007)

Trump Mortgage (failed 2007)

Trump Steaks (failed 2008)

Trump Radio (failed 2008)

Trump Magazine (failed 2009)

Trump Mar-a-Largo (500 visas for foreign workers, denying Americans jobs, 2010)

Trump University (unaccredited, failed 2011, investigated for fraud by NY AG)

Trump Vitamin (pyramid scheme, failed 2011)

Trump Vodka (failed 2011)

Trump Restaurant (failed 2012)

Trump Bay Street (used Chinese EB-5 investment money while castigating China for having too much influence in the American economy, 2016) Such a great businessman.

Dan Groner