If the people who voted for Donald Trump three years ago are to have their votes nullified out by partisan politicians in Washington, and if the news media is truly going to go along with the overturning of the election results, then shouldn’t their reasons for that be so compelling that the facts will stand the test of time? If this whole thing is genuinely based on evidence and facts, the case won’t get cold. But I think we all know this isn’t about evidence or facts. This is the rawest and most savage form of politics, but this time there are real dangers should it succeed. If this becomes the new norm following a presidential election so that the losing side refuses to accept the results and attempts to use any and every tactic possible to void the voters’ choice and replace it with the choice of bureaucrats and a hand full from the losing side, then we will have destroyed fair and free elections, which are the bedrock of our system of government.

While the talk of impeachment dominates the current news cycle over everything else, the cries for impeachment are not new. In fact, folks at the Media Research Center compiled a video that dates back to President Trump’s first month in office. These are the supposedly fair, objective and unbiased journalists who play a one-note instrument when it comes to President Trump.

I hope you caught not just the hyperbolic screeds for impeaching a president even before he took office. Do you know the dates? The call to impeach your president started the moment he was sworn in. In fact, some didn’t even wait for the swearing in.

You go and stand in line to vote after listening to the candidates in debates and in every other imaginable news forum. You make up your mind and cast your ballot, and then some bureaucrats and politicians in Washington decide you’re stupid. They are so unhappy with how you and the other citizens voted that they decide to do away with the results and create a phony, fake basis to replace the president. The only thing missing for this to be called a real coup d’état is having the military change the occupant of the Oval Office with guns instead of some partisan Democrats and their co-conspirators in the press.

Jack Townsend


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CitrusCo Citizen

Impeach him and then lock him up. Please.


I ran out of room in the last post, the GDP that Trump promised that would be close to 6% is 1.7% (as of this month )almost as good as Obama's during the recession that Bush left us in. The one thing Trump is good at is selling you a fantasy that you want to believe.


This letter begs to be fact checked. First of all most of the people on the left believe the election was stolen from them due to Russian interference as well as Comey coming out prior to the election with an announcement of e-mails that were never found. We now know how crooked Trump is and what he is capable of so how are we supposed to believe in our election security when our own President deny's it. Then we get down to all the broken promises that he made, Day one health care, reviving the coal industry, the tariffs war that we are not winning, steel industry failing, his tax returns, wage growth, tax cuts for the middle class, the national debt, the failing Midwest factories, infrastructure improvements, the environment and pollution, mining in our national parks, leaving the Paris accord and leading this nation and the rest of the world in the right direction, standing up to our common enemies instead of hiding behind them.

Miuke Nelson

When the Media Research Center bestowed an award named for William F. Buckley to Sean Hannity, conservative columnist Bret Stephens wrote an editorial in The New York Times in which he lamented, "And so we reach the Idiot stage of the conservative cycle, in which a Buckley Award for Sean Hannity suggests nothing ironic, much less Orwellian, to those bestowing it, applauding it, or even shrugging it off. The award itself is trivial, but it’s a fresh reminder of who now holds the commanding heights of conservative life, and what it is that they think."[50]


Mr Townsend....go to YouTube and pull up the video of Trump saying he WILL deliver his tax filings..but he is under "audit"....not now...so where are they? If he made a "perfect" call to the President of Ukraine...why his the full transcript on a Top Secret server? There are 47 Republicans allowed to attend and ask questions on the ongoing impeachment investigations.....so why are the Republicans barging in to one of the hearing rooms demanding to participate in them? You may want to watch the end of the classic movie with Andy Griffith called A Face in the Crowd to understand what is happening with this panicky POTUS


Mad much? Your fury screams of such a huge injustice. Guess what? The walls are closing in and your Gypsy , crooked, slippery conman’s days are numbered. Impeach! Impeach!

CitrusCo Citizen

Trump will be impeached for using taxpayer's dollars as a bribe to a foreign country to find out if there was any dirt on his political opponent. Also, his taxes will be exposed to the public to reveal his crimes. And the women he molested are still suing him. He is busted and going down. Get over it.


You can vote for whoever you like, but if they are too inept and too corrupt to lead, I for one will refuse to follow. You Republicans need to start being stewards to the economy, environment, and rule of law.

Miuke Nelson

I honestly think that Trump does blatantly stupid stuff to cover for all the other damage he is doing. Nero fiddled while Rome burned comes to mind.

This got almost no coverage outside of environmental reporting, but it may have local impacts at the local Duke energy plant.

The Trump administration moved Monday to relax Obama-era limits on coal plants discharging ash- and metal-contaminated waste into waterways, the latest in a series of administration breaks for the lagging U.S. coal industry and for utilities using coal-fired power plants.

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Andrew Wheeler signed the proposal, which would ease parts of a 2015 Obama rule that was meant to limit power plant discharges of wastewater laden with toxic coal ash and heavy metals including arsenic, mercury and selenium." The Trump administration and his republican sycophants are destroying our environment bit by bit. The real losers will be our kids and their kids.

CitrusCo Citizen

Don't hold your breath, Mike. It ain't gonna happen.

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