If the people who voted for Donald Trump three years ago are to have their votes nullified out by partisan politicians in Washington, and if the news media is truly going to go along with the overturning of the election results, then shouldn’t their reasons for that be so compelling that the facts will stand the test of time? If this whole thing is genuinely based on evidence and facts, the case won’t get cold. But I think we all know this isn’t about evidence or facts. This is the rawest and most savage form of politics, but this time there are real dangers should it succeed. If this becomes the new norm following a presidential election so that the losing side refuses to accept the results and attempts to use any and every tactic possible to void the voters’ choice and replace it with the choice of bureaucrats and a hand full from the losing side, then we will have destroyed fair and free elections, which are the bedrock of our system of government.

While the talk of impeachment dominates the current news cycle over everything else, the cries for impeachment are not new. In fact, folks at the Media Research Center compiled a video that dates back to President Trump’s first month in office. These are the supposedly fair, objective and unbiased journalists who play a one-note instrument when it comes to President Trump.

I hope you caught not just the hyperbolic screeds for impeaching a president even before he took office. Do you know the dates? The call to impeach your president started the moment he was sworn in. In fact, some didn’t even wait for the swearing in.

You go and stand in line to vote after listening to the candidates in debates and in every other imaginable news forum. You make up your mind and cast your ballot, and then some bureaucrats and politicians in Washington decide you’re stupid. They are so unhappy with how you and the other citizens voted that they decide to do away with the results and create a phony, fake basis to replace the president. The only thing missing for this to be called a real coup d’état is having the military change the occupant of the Oval Office with guns instead of some partisan Democrats and their co-conspirators in the press.

Jack Townsend