Thanks to the Chronicle for publicizing the three plus day music event “Harvest at The Farm” north of Brooksville.

All the attendees, coordinating with the Florida Music Food Initiative (FMFI) reached and surpassed its goal of 1,500 pounds of non-perishable food. Nearly a ton of foodstuffs, 1,834 pounds of food, was donated to the Daystar Life Center Sunday afternoon.

Susan Gedert, owner of the Farm, was saluted for allowing the venue to be used for Harvest. Musician, sound technician and emcee Rod Sillars was the glue who began the music at the Farm and keeps the Farm going year after year. Bennett Edmonds and Peter Redmond the staff at the Farm were indispensable for the event’s success.

We are grateful to Mary Beth Campbell of Orlando who began the Florida Music Food Initiative, for envisioning FMFI, and the good that a bunch of folk musicians can accomplish. Indispensable to the festival were sound techs, Jim Dunn, Tom Ellis, and Manatee Mike.

We are especially grateful for the generosity of the musicians, comprising 50 acts, who donated their time and talents. Without them, I don’t think folks would drive to a place in the woods north of Brooksville to drop off a can of corn, no matter how righteous the cause.

And we are most thankful for all the attendees who did drive to The Farm, north of Brooksville and dropped off 1,834 pounds worth of cans of corn and beans, and rice and jellies and honey and cereal. And to Jim Davis and the Chronicle for helping put the word out to make the Harvest at the Farm a success. One vendor said she wants to come back because everyone was so kind. That shouldn’t be a rare thing.

Frank Julian

New Port Richey

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