It was an honor and privilege to run for Citrus County Commissioner District 5, and I’m humbled by the enormous support I received these last eight months.

For those who voted for me and who donated to the campaign, I thank you for your invaluable trust, and I will do my best to live up to the faith and hope you place in me.

For those who didn’t vote my way, I thank you for voting and making your choice heard — it’s important. I promise to work for you just as hard.

I would be remiss in not also saying thank you to Jimmie T. Smith for running a clean campaign. I look forward to seeing the good he’ll do for veterans in his new position.

To my volunteers, the inner circle who never shied away from giving me their straight-talk opinions, the biggest thank you of all! These folks gave up Monday nights for team meetings, sweated at events, worked on fundraising — and donated themselves — were tirelessly cheerful in convincing people to sign petitions, built and installed signs, drove hours around the county to pull signs up when it was over, and were quick to share campaign posts on social media.

My wonderful family was part of that group, always supportive, always cheering. At a low point — in bed with a COVID fever just before the election — an extended-family picture, all in their “Vote Holly” T-shirts, made me smile. Bless you all.

In a democracy, it’s these seeds of support through civic engagement that buoy candidates who truly wish to serve their community. If you see someone you think is worth backing, consider donating or volunteering on their campaign, you’re needed more than you know.

As to what I will be working towards on your behalf, my priorities were front and center in my road signs. Rather than traditional Republican-red or red/white/blue, I chose “Citrus County colors” of sunshine and water. The swoosh in the logo is both a river and a mark of progress, which is exactly the duality that so many say they want: higher-wage jobs and a more diversified economy and tax base, but while building that, we absolutely must restore and protect our lakes and rivers, and our Nature Coast small town charm.

With unprecedented challenges brought in 2020, achieving these goals may indeed be even harder, but I’m confident we’ll get there, together.

Holly Davis