I’ve never written to a news media company in my life. I’m 64. This morning. Nov. 20, 2020, I look at the headline stories and I see this: A photo of the Homecoming King and Queen.

Schools are to educate, but this photo shows total disregard and failure to understand what is happening in the world, the United States, Florida, Citrus County and Crystal River.

These future leaders have abandoned all care for themselves and others. I’m surprised the caption doesn’t mention no masks, no social distance or any safety measure. It’s as if the Chronicle is supporting/condoning such poor behavior.

I’m afraid this attitude is why the COVID-19 virus has made a stronger comeback and has overtaken America. We are now the worst country worldwide for COVID cases and deaths.

Now I understand Homecoming is a once in a lifetime event, but covering up, or at least ignoring this plague with happy kids faces, unmasked is not setting any kind of example for anyone.

Mark Sehl

Crystal River