Your headline on Aug. 22, “Sheriff strikes pedestrian, kills him,” goes beyond a poor choice of words. To take advantage of an accident which resulted in a fatality is disgraceful. It sounds like the Chronicle is becoming increasingly biased. What ever happened to serving the community by reporting honestly and as accurately as possible?

Sheriff Prendergast is a respectable and outstanding sheriff who has done nothing but good for this county. We are so fortunate to have him. Your wording is not only unkind, it is quite offensive.

Melody Candiloro


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"You can't handle the truth". The sheriff did hit and kill a pedestrian. That is a fact. Now it is up to us to read the entire article and find out what happened. For those of us who actually did that, we all feel for the sheriff and wish him the best in getting through this challenging time due to this accident. Sometimes things really do have nothing to do with politics, so why take them there, unless, "You can't handle the truth". The truth is not a bad thing, contrary to what any one party might say.

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