In response to the letter, “Send the raw emotion elsewhere,” on Aug. 7, it seems the writer has a very short memory.

If I remember correctly, there were plenty of senseless mass murders committed by deranged monsters during Obama’s administration also. But unless my memory fails me, I don’t recall him being accused of causing them.

I am sick and tired of Donald Trump being blamed for all the ills of the world.

The next time an inevitable hurricane strikes our great state, I’m sure there will be plenty of people who will blame it on President Trump’s policies, or maybe they will complain about his hate, anger and ugliness when he reaches out afterword to help those affected.

But if my memory serves me correctly, there has been a few other storms that have struck before he was elected, and I’d bet my house that there will be a few more after this president is gone.

Neil Friesner


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CitrusCo Citizen

Meanwhile, as we continue to scratch our heads, Trump has just gutted the Endangered Species Act. Everyone take lots of photos of manatees, grizzly bears, bald eagles, whales, rare birds, dophins, and a million other species to show your grandchildren because by the time Trump leaves they will be well on their way to extinction. Republicans, now aren't you so proud for wiping out permanently all those nasty animals on Planet Earth that get in the way of your "economy" your precious fossil fuels?

Miuke Nelson

I don't blame Trump, alone. The GOP has been complicit. Keep sticking your head in the sand, after all, you'll probably be gone before the worst of it hits. I expect we'll see this campaign ad soon:


Stop Trump from pretending to be a President and all will stop blaming the ills of the world on him. If he can pretend to be a President, we can blame him for everything he creates. He gets to own it all. BTW, Obama is not President any more. Did you miss something?

CitrusCo Citizen

I'm just sick and tired of Trump. The sooner he's gone, the better off our country and planet will be.


Well, hold your breath for 5 or so more years!

CitrusCo Citizen

I'll have to hold my breath, now that filthy black carbon emissions are permitted from trucks hauling fracked methane LNG (liquid natural gas) down the acres and miles of cement across most of the east coast and southeast U.S and expecially Florida, for export to foreign countries, thanks to Trump. I'll have to hold my breath so that I don't breathe the deadly and debilitating toxic cyanobacteria emitted from blue-green algae spewing out from fecal waste and agricultural run off from Big Sugar and Big Ranching around and above Lake Okeechobee, thanks to Trump's good ole boy politicians. This is the legacy Trump is leaving for our grandchildren to deal with. He'll be remembered, all right, and blamed for Making Americans Gag Again.


If Trump's EPA has it's way we will all be holding our breath for a lot longer than 5 years, if we have any air to breathe period.

CitrusCo Citizen

Nope Not gonna happen. We only have 15 mos left of this nightmare--maybe sooner if Trump keeps trying to impeach himself. But even one month is too much. Fortunately, he's spending half of it playing golf, but unfortunately, when he's not golfing, he's tweeting. Fortunately, his tweeting gets him deeper into trouble. Unfortunately, his tweeting hurts minorities, women, the poor and the working poor, children, the environment, the middle class, etc. etc. etc.

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