I go to Winn-Dixie in Beverly Hills off County Road 491 to go shopping or just walk by there a lot, and I do not know if people can read or not, but the drivers are always parked in the fire lane in front of the store. It says “No Parking.” How simple is that to understand? And it’s usually the same drivers that do this.

So you people who do this on a regular basis, either take a reading course or stay out of the fire lane. It’s for fire engines that need to be close to the store when an emergency happens, not for people who do not care or simply cannot read.

Marty Farrenholz

Beverly Hills

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CitrusCo Citizen

You forgot to mention that they're too lazy to actually use the parking lot! They can barely walk because they won't and don't--just a reminder that Citrus County is the 2nd most unhealthy county in the state.

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