On the 25th Amendment front (meaning the “is he mentally unfit for office” front), Trump has recently:

Lied about his wife’s relationship with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un;

Garbled an answer about climate change in ways that would terrify anyone in search of a topic sentence;

Attacked Fox News for disloyalty;

Blamed Puerto Rico in advance of a hurricane for being in the path of a hurricane;

Generally conducted himself in ways that bespeak grievously low functioning;

Quoted someone describing him as the second coming (a performance that would have sent most of us to the nearest psych ward);

Called his own economic adviser the enemy of the state;

Ordered American companies to stop investing in China;

Got in a fight with Denmark over a real estate deal gone south in Greenland;

Showed the world a hurricane weather chart altered with a Sharpie.

And yet, House Democrats are still waiting to figure out what to do. The rest of us are pretty sure that if this ride goes any faster, we are going to implode before the 2020 election. So now is a good time to remind ourselves that we aren’t helpless, and that Donald Trump’s Cabinet is not going to invoke the 25th Amendment, and that there are no adults in the room, and that the one trick that isn’t fanciful and still works is the impeachment power, whether or not the Senate opts to convict.

Every day, Donald Trump does things far more dangerous and destabilizing than anything we once considered an impeachable offense. He has invited hostile powers to usurp elections. He has undermined congressional will and threatened witnesses against him. He attacks and undermines the courts and the free press and violates basic principles of separation of powers, all of which violate his own oath of office. He attempts daily to enrich himself with foreign money, and he has overseen the systematic abuse and degradation of immigrants and asylum seekers. He is also, by any historical measure, committing multiple impeachable offenses, endangering national security, and harming vulnerable communities. There is a constitutional remedy for that. We should avail ourselves of it.

When you stay silent, you are totally complicit with Trump’s unethical actions which in turn will ultimately affect you. It is time to start screaming and protesting in the streets to protect the democracy of our country.

Robert Barnesky

Beverly Hills

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We are going to be so very lucky, as a country, if NOAA doesn't give in to Trump's threats of firing them, taking away their ability to earn a living and their retirements, by pulling a 'McConnell'. A 'McConnell' being NOAA saying that they will comfortably wait to see what Trump has to say about where, when and the strength of a hurricane or storm heading anywhere near, or in, America. Once Trump has made his highly educated decisions (everyone knows that he is a genius meteorologist...probably the most genius meteorologist the world has ever known) on readiness levels or necessary evacuations, then NOAA and the National Weather Service will just agree with him and move on. Good luck, America....stay safe!!!!

CitrusCo Citizen

We're gearing up for that, Robert. Do not underestimate everyone under 40, women, minorities, LGBTQ people, first generation American citizens, anyone worried about the environment, most educated people, farmers and many military personnel. Some of us are well rehearsed in the art of "screaming protests" and are preparing events and signs for the next very important year.Even more important are our silent but deadly protests as we Vote Him Out.




I don't disagree but am appalled at the lack of any truly viable non leftist alternatives.


The Democrats will be making a huge mistake if they nominate a far left socialist democrat for President. We need a centrist to bring our houses together and get down to the business of the people. Independents will hold the deciding votes. We don't care about party loyalty...we will vote for the candidate using common sense with good communications skills in contrast to what we have now. Stock up on clean water...because you won't know what is in it next year.

CitrusCo Citizen

I just want someone who doesn't lie all of the time. We each have our pet peeve and mine is that I really can't stand pathological liars.

CitrusCo Citizen

I don't understand why you would think that candidates who are not pathological liars, not narcissists, not bigots or racists, not born with a silver spoon in their mouths, well educated and intelligent, are readers and writers, are diplomatic and respectful of other countries and are very concerned about the poor and working poor of the United States are not "viable" candidates? How exactly do you determine viability? Do bleached hair, veneered teeth, plastic surgery, a former model wife from a foreign country, and an obscene amount of money determine a man's worth for you?

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