Recently, Snopes fact checkers found that Joe Biden’s recounting of a story about a U.S. military service member who recovered the body of a fallen soldier was “not false,” even though details, including the location, the date, the branch of the military, the medal and Biden’s own role, were wrong.

A rebuttal came from, among others, former CBS news correspondent Sharyl Attkisson, who noted the double standard vis-a-vis Donald Trump mangling the facts on real occurences. Sharyl Attkisson tweeted to Snopes, saying: “Ok we’ve got it. When certain people tell a false story, it’s not false. It’s true because parts are true. If @realDonaldTrump does the same thing, it’s a malicious lie. #SnopesLogic #Propaganda.”

So, if Joe Biden is at an elementary school and makes a strange claim that 2+2=5 and he is ridiculed for his gaffe, will the crack squad of fact checkers at Snopes find his math “mostly true?” I’m guessing, but with Snopes record of fact checking, it would go something like this: “Biden’s statements are actually ‘mostly true’.” And they’ll explain the gaffe away by saying, “Although Biden got key details wrong, the central concept of what he was saying, that two numbers put together make another number, is completely accurate.” For the crack fact checkers, I guess it’s accurate to say that sometimes two and two make four. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are only three. Sometimes they are all of them at once.

Snopes says on its website, “When misinformation obscures the truth and readers don’t know what to trust,’s fact checking and original, investigative reporting lights the way to evidence-based and contextualized analysis.” It’s a sad state of affairs when their biases distort and fail to tell the truth.

Gerard Del Vecchio


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He continues to support the Pathological-Liar-In-Chief despite the facts. You have to question the "wisdom" of someone that believes what they're told to believe without question. AKA All Trump supporters.

Miuke Nelson

There is a big difference between missing details and outright lies. In this case, it goes motive. Trump does not do anything inadvertently. There is a purpose to each and everyone of his thousands of lies. There is nothing off limits.


Poor Gerard, he can't see that is bias is showing again and showing him very badly. When you keep quiet people might. think ou are stupid. When you give your view, people know.

CitrusCo Citizen

No one in history has told as many lies as Donald John Trump. By his second year after his inaugaration he had told 10,000 lies and he's piling them on every day. At an average of 5,000 lies a year, DJT will end his presidency with 20,000 lies in 2020. And that will be his legacy--America's Biggest Liar. Seriously people do you really want to put up with another 20,000 lies for 4 more years? My favorite DJT lie is that windmills cause cancer. What's your favorite lie?


My favorite lie was when he took his oath of office as president.


Sorry, Gerard, you can't compare the countless out and out thousands of lies that have been told by the president with the gaffes made by Biden. There is no comparison or even attempted comparison there. The president lies constantly to line his pockets and put one over on the people of America, while Biden tries to impart some humanity to the people through his stories and gaffes.


What's really sad is that numbers and facts are easy to check. For instance the phrase “Job Creator” isn't found in any legitimate Economics book because Republicans made up the term to push for repeated corporate tax cuts, even though consumers are 70% of the US economy and are the only real “Job Creator” other than the government.

Do the research and math for yourself. Conservatism is a lie, therefore conservatives are liars.

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