I enjoy Gerry Mulligan’s weekly Sunday articles. This past Sunday touched on the effect of less snowbirds.

Here are my thoughts on people who come south for the winter.

Snowbird versus winter resident:

Snowbird. The simple definition is: someone who spends the winter months in a warm place.

I view a snowbird as a person who comes to a warmer climate for the winter and establishes no permanent roots. They may come and rent the same place year after year, or may go to other locations for the winter, if this is their choice. If they decide to not come south for the winter they just don’t, without any problems. I have no problem with anyone who does this for the winter season; in fact, I feel it enhances their life to be out of the cold during the winter.

What I feel I am is a winter resident, not a snowbird.

I come to Florida four to five months a year over the winter. I own a home here, pay local taxes, belong to a church and belong to a golf club, etc. I feel I have roots established here, and if I had to come here permanently, I am already settled in.

Snowbird versus winter resident. They both come down and support the economy during the winter, but I prefer to be viewed as the latter.

Jack Sasso

East Orleans, MA, and Inverness