We need a sidewalk going north on County Road 495. The current sidewalk ends around Crystal Street. Several times I have seen a disabled guy in a motorized wheelchair driving down the road because there is no sidewalk for him. I’m surprised he hasn’t been hit by a car yet. I have also seen several kids walking through the high grass north of Turkey Oak trying to get to and from their bus stop. It would be nice if we could have a sidewalk to use to get into town.

Amanda Myers

Crystal River

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CitrusCo Citizen

I, too, have seen the man in the motorized wheel chair moving along the side of the highway--there isn't even a shoulder and cars are swerving around him! I've also seen cyclists-- some look a bit down on their luck with a bicycle as their only mode of transportation--who have to ride along the side of the highway. It's an accident waiting to happen and vehicle will win and the human being will lose, maybe his life. Please put a separate multi-use trail adjacent to the highway or, at least a sidewalk. It also would be nice to be able to bike all the way to Crystal River along 495, but right now it's incredibly dangrous to do so.

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