David W. Martin wrote, “Have the leaders in the House nothing better to do than to spew allegations of cover-up, of lying, of incompetence?” Well, yes, but don’t you think that the

cover-ups, the lies and the incompetence need to be exposed? You want to give him a free pass on that?

Politifact.com rates 5% of his public statements as true. For the math-impaired, that’s 1 of every 20. What lies, you say? Go to your computer and type in “Trump’s lies — the definitive list.” Ranting and raving will get you nowhere. You need facts to support your position. As for the news coverage being 70% negative, well, he creates the news. How should negative news be reported? Is it okay with you if people are held in cages where there is standing room only, where they do not have room to sit, much less to lie down on the cold concrete floor? Where they have to drink out of the toilet because sufficient drinking water is not provided? Is our country so poor that we cannot afford to buy diapers? Are we so bereft of conscience that we confine a 2-month-old child in a cage with no one to care for him except other children, none of whom are related to him? The obvious answer is yes, because those things are happening, and they are happening with the knowledge and consent of our President.

Larry Colucci writes with such elegance and style, and with such great command of the language that his arguments seem very convincing, but on closer examination seem to consist mainly of generalizations and opinions with few actual verifiable facts. I do agree with him when he says that Trump’s character is nowhere near that of Mother

Teresa. So, how many more women must he assault, and how many more people must he cheat out of their life’s savings before you would say, “that’s enough”?

As for the statement about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, you must be referring to Iran, right? You know, the ones who have gone back to enriching uranium. As for North Korea and China, we have to wait and see how that turns out. So far, we have zero benefit, and we have given up much. In our approach to Mexico and Iran, we are just the neighborhood bully. That’s not my idea of diplomacy.

William Collins


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William Collins once again spews allegations and insinuations without any facts to back up his claim. His constant rants in the Chronicle get tiring real quick

CitrusCo Citizen

Yes, you are absolutely correct--coverups must be exposed. Thank goodness the 1st amendment is supposed to protect the investigative journalsts who can uncover the coverups and then report on them without fear of retaliation. Supposedly.


There is quite a difference between investigating a specific alleged crime and using the power of the law to pour through every record and statement made in the last 20 years by a group of rabidly partisan political operatives just looking to make any type of charge, true or not, to advance their political party. Amazingly the Left never opposes attacks on reporters who don't tow the party line. The 1st Amendment guarantees Freedom of Speech, INCLUDING the press. Democrats seem to want 'Free Speech' limited only to that portion of the press they control.


Right on GMEN!


Benghazi was a congressional investigation for the sole purpose of attacking Hillary Clinton. Seven congressional committees investigated Benghazi with nothing to show. Then there was Whitewater, which should have been called “waste mo money”. I could go on, but reality is best in small doses sometimes.

CitrusCo Citizen

Then there's Hillary's emails, Hillary's "poor health", Hillary's pizza place that abused children, Obama's birth certificate, and other examples of "journalism" that were "purposively and conveniently invented" by Republicans.


People died in the Bengazi massacre. Hardly a partisan attack on Hillary.


The Benghazi Report spreads the blame to all appropriate agencies....https://www.politico.com/story/2016/06/benghazi-report-obama-clinton-224854


But, but but - the Democrats said those investigations were immoral, wrong, illegal and and were an abuse of the political process; so doesn't that mean they're just hypocrites if they do the same thing now that they can?

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