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I am responding about the latest in a series of letters and sound off calls questioning and/or criticizing the need for a new shelter.

I find these letters mostly uninformed and a waste of time. They display a lack of understanding of the history behind the efforts to get the new shelter built. Many people and organizations in the county have fought for several years to give the animals in the shelter and the people who work there decent and humane conditions.

Everyone complaining about the cost should realize that this project should have been completed long ago and would have cost much less. It was not, due to a history of successive BOCCs delaying and resisting the project. The shelter is only being built now due to tremendous public support (over $2 million in donations!) and the courageous leadership of Commissioner Ruthy Schlabach.

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Commisioners Ron Kitchen and Scott Carnahan have opposed the shelter proposals (to my knowledge, for several years) and I suspect their continued resistance is just sour grapes or the inability to accept defeat.

The letters go to great lengths asking questions about the design and sound like the authors are former project managers. No, the public does not need to review and approve every step of the design and construction for this or any project. That is called micro-management. It's what we have elected officials for. Some of them are doing their jobs.

One last thing bears repeating. All of us have a public health interest in getting sick or injured animals off the streets. The shelter deserves support for this reason if no other.

Thanks to Commissioner Schlabach there is a plan in place, and I have every confidence that with her stewardship and organizations like CCFAP this shelter will be built. If the design costs $1 million, so be it. Those of us who donated to and support a new shelter can't wait. Neither can the volunteers or the poor animals themselves.

Let's make this happen.

David Burns

Floral City