When I am asked where I am from, I always make sure to mention our springs. Our natural resources are what make our county so special — and most notable to others. So of course we need a commissioner who will fight for our natural environment while fostering growth in our community; this commissioner is Ruthie Davis Schlabach.

In high school, my mother Ruthie would drive me over to Crystal River and Homosassa to take part in cleaning out the waterways. I have many memories of her dragging me out of the house early in the morning to pick up litter and rake up invasive algae that fogs our clear springs. She instilled in me how important it is to take care of our beautiful home. We need a commissioner who is willing to get her hands dirty in order to advance preservation efforts of our natural environment.

We also need someone on the board who will stick out their foot for our community- someone who truly cares about Citrus County.

Ruthie has called Citrus County home for over 25 years and raised my sister and me here. She continues to pour into our community. Ruthie’s education, business experience and connections in Tallahassee enable her to make Citrus a place where young adults like myself will want to stay and build a family. After all, we cannot keep educating our youth and then sending them outside the community to find jobs. I know that Ruthie can grow Citrus County all while protecting what makes our small home so unique.

Ruthie has the intelligence, integrity, and determination, to grow our community in ways citizens have been asking for for years.

I have made the smart decision to vote for Ruthie Davis Schlabach, have you?

Catherine Schlabach