Your editorial of Saturday, Nov. 7, regarding the inappropriateness of running the turnpike connector through Inverness is perfectly correct. However, the same arguments that you make against placing the connector on State Road 44 through Inverness are equally valid against putting any of the M-Cores connectors anywhere in Citrus County.

The destruction of wildlife habitat, wetlands, and the replacement of the county’s simple and modest lifestyle with an urban metropolitan transportation center “doesn’t make sense,” as you so aptly put it. Who wants a massive high-speed expressway with a 400-foot-wide right of way running through their neighborhood? If you think otherwise, just ask the people who live near the new Cardinal Street interchange on the Suncoast 2 (not those who intend to make money off of it). From no expressways to three sections of Suncoast 2 and multiple M-Cores routes all vying for space throughout our small county is appalling. FDOT would have us trade our “Nature Coast” appellation for the “Expressway Coast.”

The Chronicle should place its voice in continuous and vigorous opposition to these ill-conceived and terrible roads for all of Citrus County, not just Inverness.

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Kurt Stone