Upon finding the tennis courts at Bicentennial Park locked this morning, I am compelled to write. Popular recreational activities in Citrus County — tennis, golf, kayak, biking, fishing — are very low risk. Reducing opportunities for healthy outdoor activities that lend themselves to social distancing is counterproductive, especially compared to the crowds at Walmart and other grocery stores.

When the number of COVID-19 cases are published, it is never put in perspective, i.e. compared with the incidence or deaths from other infectious diseases, including flu, or overdoses, car accidents, heart disease, cancer, etc., over the same time period. At this point it is far lower than any of these. Media sensationalism is fueling the hysteria.

Additional draconian measures will not prevent radical groups with conspiracy theories about the origin of COVID-19 from openly defying government mandates. Or others who just choose to ignore them. No matter what, the virus will likely have some presence in the general population.

Shutting down the economy is having its own set of public health issues, especially hunger, shelter and mental health. These will get far worse as the number of people unable to pay their bills skyrockets and will quickly eclipse problems with the virus itself.

At this point, no politician dares say anything contrary to the present course of action.

Am I speaking heresy, or do I make sense?

Lenny Calodney

Crystal River

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Checked with my doctor. They won't test you unless you unless you've been in contact with someone who has the virus. Huh? Or you can't breathe and have a temp over 100. The irony is , alot of people (not in Florida) have been tested without this criteria and have tested positive. Some test positive have had just body aches and fatigue , and for extended periods.


When you catch it Lenny you will think otherwise.


Oh shut up and go home...




Tracking the virus


CitrusCo Citizen

Thanks, Lance. I've been following that dashboard at flhealth.gov every day, but it's sometimes overwhelming and I need a break. But Lenny's ignorance is astounding. Perhaps after he views this, he'll change his mind about restrictions? I doubt it. I guess he'll just have to experience this in Florida in about a week or two, to actually believe it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J60fQr0GWo


Good site. Thanks Lance.


The United States will probably have the worst of it, because people just don't listen. Miami dade already has 760 known case. It seems trump's governor(de Santis) isn't cracking down hard enough and stores , restaurants and beaches are full of out of towners, spring breakers and the like, The mayor of Miami has tested positive and is sick.

company that makes Internet-connected thermometers has found “widespread atypical illness” throughout Florida that can’t be explained by the late flu season and, public health experts warn, it may be a sign that coronavirus infections may be more widespread in the state than previously reported.

Kinsa Health, a San Francisco-based company that has sold or given away thousands of smart thermometers to households in Florida, has the power to track in real-time people’s fevers as soon as they test for them. The thermometer data serves as an early warning of illness, and the company has used it to track the spread of the flu in Florida and around the country for six years.

As the novel coronavirus has spread, Kinsa Health has tracked a “strong correlation” between confirmed COVID-19 cases and illness that cannot be explained or attributed to seasonal flu across Florida, potentially indicating the spread of the virus is faster than the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was reporting it, said Patrick Phillips, head of data science for Kinsa Health.

“Related to other states, Florida is a class of its own,’’ he said.

Nita Nehru, spokeswoman for Kinsa Health, said the thermometer data shows “that Florida is actually two times as severe in illness right now for what we would expect in a normal flu season based on the illness signature of a geography.

“Some of this activity may be due to a late resurgence of H1N1 flu, but it is definitely also picking up COVID,’’ she said.

CitrusCo Citizen

Yes, I've been watching the "fever" graphs from Kinsa. Outstanding scientific data collection and display that makes it easy to predict that Florida is now a hotspot for COVID will be the next epicenter, after NY subsides.


And NY is doing such a great job keeping confined to their homes that they're hopping on planes and flying to FL!!


Lenny, I wonder what you would have written in your Letter to the Editor if you tested positive and/or a loved one tested positive. Before this virus runs its course, thousands will be dead and millions will be impoverished.


Shaking my head.


Lenny, Trump wants to see this thing end at Easter. He has stated that he wants huge crowds in the churches for Easter and getting everything up an running again in the streets. All I can say is that if Jesus were still in his grave he would be rolling over in it right about now. Hopefully, he is keeping the golden gates open wide for this coming Easter as he will be greeting a lot of people there.

CitrusCo Citizen

Always the salesman, Trump will seize the opportunity to get a free political rally on Easter Sunday. Since the virus can flourish for more than 14 days and people often do not realize they are contagious, many worshipers will, sadly, become infected since the restrictions for social distancing will be lifted for them to attend church. Often 3-5 days after exposure, people began to sicken, so expect a serious upswing in COVID around the third week in April.

CitrusCo Citizen

Nope, you don't make sense. Infections and deaths have gone to far and they still have far to go. Ask Italy. We just learned of the first death of a child. That's one child too many.

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