For as long as I can recall, I have repeatedly heard that the US is the richest country in the world. So why is it we do not offer all citizens health care so as to prevent diseases, complications from chronic illnesses and increase life expectancy?

I retired after 40-plus years in nursing and had the opportunity to work with families most of that time. Several recommendations I would like to suggest which might make the goal to provide care for all a reality and cut costs:

  1. Standardize all claim forms and health care plans. I like my Medicare, which if you study their program, their administrative costs are among the lowest and they negotiate cost savings with hospitals, physicians and other agencies.
  2. Cost containment will never happen unless the government can negotiate costs for treatments and prescriptions. They can do that if it affects all citizens. Last year in Ohio, it was reported that private radiology groups charged less for scans than the local hospital. If the hospitals charge two times more for the same procedure to cover uninsured persons, that would be eliminated if all were insured.
  3. The USA has one of the highest infant mortality rate because of several factors with a big factor being no prenatal care or education.

I find this could be resolved if all citizens had coverage. It is in the best interest of our people to provide care. Currently we are contacted over and over again because this is open enrollment time for medicare. I receive numerous calls daily from multiple states. This is costly.

Since there are numerous ways to get a health care policy, far too many citizens have no idea what their policy covers.

A standard policy would help them understand what was required of them and providers would not need to used different claim forms for different policies. By saving time, this would most certainly cut costs. Before Medicare, the physician I worked for billed twice a year. Now, every patient who comes through the door requires billing. It’s time to help the patients and the providers reach the goal of excellent care for all.

Sandy Engelman


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CitrusCo Citizen

Great letter, Sandy! Keep promoting this.

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