I agree with Robert Hagaman’s statements regarding the Associated Press and its continuing deterioration of any objectivity in its reporting. The Associated Press long since stopped reporting news and has become an news/opinion organization. This is a toxic mixture. The worst transgressions are the selection of headlines. The most egregious that comes to mind is when the Mueller Report was released. The report concluded that there was no collusion between Trump, his campaign and the Russians. The headlines the next day read “Trump not exonerated.”

What? There is always a “but” or caveat after any positive news related to Trump, followed by a torrent of speculation and conjecture. Why does this bother me? When reporting becomes tainted with opinions and observations of the reporter(s) the messaging rapidly becomes perfidious. Many people internalize these opinions and side commentary as facts to the point their perceptions become a reflection of opinion rather than fact.

On occasion the AP will report accurately, but add comments that are tangential to the actual subject matter to provide a counter narrative to whatever positive was initially reported. It appears that any reporting regarding Trump must be presented in negative terms.

I repeatedly read comments from readers relative to the “manufactured” border situation that are based on opinion rather than reality. Now suddenly, as without warning, it is a real crisis. How many folks believed that the border crisis was manufactured due to the constant drum beat that parroted this theme over and over and was fully supported by the media? Reference to cages are common as are the references to concentration camps and Nazis mouthed by liberals who bemoan the conditions at the border while their Democrat representatives simultaneously refused (on four occasions) to allocate funds to improve the situation or adjust the law to prevent it altogether.

Bob Marino

Citrus Springs

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Great letter Bob. I agree 100 %. Trump will go down in history as the president who saved America. What a corrupt deep state government he’s exposing. People need to just get over the fact that Hilary lost and Trump won and move on!! I love my President🇺🇸🇺🇸

Miuke Nelson

You people are dangerously deluded. By deep state you mean the swamp? Here's what Trump says abut that: "“I told people the other day: ‘Drain the swamp,’ I don’t really like that expression,” he admitted to a Las Vegas campaign crowd last October. “I said, I don’t love that expression, so hokey … I hate to use this … it doesn’t work, right. And I said it two weeks ago to a big crowd, and the place went crazy. Then I said it a second time, and the place went even crazier. And then the third time, like you, they started saying it before I said it. All of the sudden, I decided, I love that expression; it’s a great expression.” A con artist, no more, no less, sucker.

Truth Crusader

Unfortunately for you, AP is writing the truth! I know it's hard to admit that President Trump is a despot, but you need to read more to gain the realization that reputable newspapers are writing the truth and believe it.


So we can assume, Bob, that you agree with President Trump that if a foreign nation wants to interfere with our elections it is just fine. The President has said that he thinks it is fine. I am hoping that those who have fought so hard to protect this country, over the years, will disagree with this kind of thinking. I don't want my leader elected by Russians, Arabs, North Koreans or any one but Americans. Apparently, however, Mitch McConnell doesn't really care who's votes count, or how those vote come into being, as long as Trump gets elected again. Can we please ditch Mitch for the safety of our country? Why would a person running for the office of the president need help from foreign countries? My thoughts are that such a person is not actually working for this country, but for their benefactors. Just to point out to those who didn't or couldn't read the Mueller Report, there was not sufficient evidence to charge Trump with conspiracy. He apparently felt so guilty, thought, that he tried to obstruct justice during the investigation. He was not exonerated from the charges of Obstruction of Justice. Read the report, if you can, before making silly and uninformed statements about complete exoneration.


Nadler: did your reporter exonerate trump? Mueller: No. The AP article was accurate. You are wrong.

Comment deleted.
Miuke Nelson

Pretty convoluted logic there son. Trump basic tactic, obfuscate, Let's filter all the bs about some commenters who don't agree with you being chinese agents shall we. By that logic, you must be a russian troll (or Iranian, Cuban, North Korean) since no one has exonerated you of that so it must be true, no? Or maybe you're just one of those poorly educated that Trumpo loves so much. The reality as follows from the Mueller hearing: " BUCK: Okay. But the — could you charge the president with a crime after he left office? MUELLER: Yes. BUCK: You believe that he committed — you could charge the President of the United States with obstruction of justice after he left office? MUELLER: Yes."


Sorry, Gmen. No luck with the pathetic argument you offer. Worst I have ever heard. Now, please produce your evidence of "all charges" you claim have been made against me. I sincerely hope that the Chronicle bans you from future comments until you learn to behave better, which would be never.


Donald Trump has spent decades marketing himself as a lewd, crude, individual who enjoys fleecing the lowly and bragging about his women although married thrice. Only the willfully ignorant would complain about the truth while preferring deception and lies.


Just watched the scariest movie ever...on Netflix....THE GREAT HACK....it explains how the Russians used Facebook to create turmoil from the right...then the left...then the White Supremacists...then the Black Lives matter trolls....all generated from data collected from Cambridge Analytics. The Russians want chaos in your democracy...and Trump is the Great Creator of Chaos.

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