I am aware and concerned about this election coming soon, so I try to be careful about what people say they will do verses people who do what they say.

I have gotten to know Dr. Paul Reinhardt the past couple of years; his focus is on the development of education to cover a variety of subjects that haven’t been addressed in a long time. “We need A-rated schools,” said Dr. Reinhardt.

Schools need to be educating students so when they graduate, they know the importance of American history, our Constitution and what they stand for.

I have enjoyed conversations with Dr. Reinhardt. He is extremely educated and more than qualified to make the decisions to benefit our school system. His background is proof of that. Dr. Reinhardt will put his priority on striving for the best education, safety, discipline and respect for these students and their teachers.

I have great faith in him and that he will give all that he can to improve our school system, and advancement changes for our future leaders.

Joy West

Beverly Hills