It’s a never-ending battle. The latest reports are that Russia is attempting to help Trump’s reelection. Why would he need any help from Russia?

Trump has no viable opposition at this time. The Democrats cannot even seem to select one of their own for opposition.

With all President Trump has accomplished in three years, it is unlikely that anyone can replace him in the next term. I realize that his approach is unconventional in the political arena. However, this is why he is needed today. What other politician who wants to get elected or reelected ever keeps promises made. They all hold their finger in the air to see which way the breeze is blowing.

All efforts to discredit President Trump fail because the only motive is hate. If anyone has a real desire to improve our country, they must step forward soon.

We need our current president for another term. During that term, we must find a viable replacement for him. Someone who will “Keep America Great.”

Robert E. Hagaman


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Miuke Nelson

At least 187 Trump political appointees have been federal lobbyists, and despite President Trump’s campaign pledge to “drain the swamp,” many are now overseeing the industries they once lobbied on behalf of. Some are beginning to see the light:


So let's be clear about what we are dealing with here. The Republican Party, its leaders and its elected officials in Congress, would rather leave the nation in the hands of a lying, psychopathic, wildly egocentric, compulsively greedy, dishonest, vicious and treasonous career-criminal, who could at any moment thrust the country unwillingly into nuclear war or other violations of international norms that would disgrace our nation and kill untold millions of people, just so that they can pass their pathetic "Republican agenda" of fiscally-irresponsible tax cuts that almost entirely benefit people who are already extremely wealthy. They could topple him from his shady and suspiciously obtained position through a clear procedural path, but refuse to because they are choosing their personal welfare over the safety and well-being of their own country, which they are especially responsible for defending above all else. Everyone knows this "administration" is rife with incompetence, corruption and criminal behavior, and Republicans in Congress are aiding-and-abetting it by not joining with Democrats to end this plague of a regime. When all this is finally over, if we still have a functioning society that is not too environmentally-poisoned, utterly corrupted and with legal and other institutions able to be brought back from life-support, then each and every Republican politician implicated in this regime's continuation should be brought to trial for high treason. The Republican Party is no longer a political organization so much as it is an overt criminal enterprise.


I think it would be fun to start a poll to see what the excuses will be this time next year . Will it be the Russians ? Egyptians ? Martians ? Or maybe a sinister conspiracy so complex that only the truly woke can understand ? Regardless Trump wins again !

CitrusCo Citizen

Nope. Just the Russians will get Trump elected, Komrad Johnson. They've had lots of practice and are honing their skills right now.


You support a pathological liar and a sexual predator. Were you valedictorian of Trump U ? There's a very good reason Trump loves the poorly educated.


Let me ask you, Robert, if you were a business owner would you hire someone who has no qualifications to do the job you are interviewing for. Perhaps you own a plumbing business and need a plumber, but the interviewee has no plumbing experience. Same thing with the electrician you need to hire for your electrical business, no electrical experience. Would you hire them anyway and send them out to take care of your patrons? Not if you want your patrons happy and safe, and you want your business to prosper. I would legitimately say that you probably wouldn't hire them, but I would be wrong. Yet, this is exactly what Trump is doing to the American people. He hires people to do jobs that they are not qualified to have This is at the expense of the happiness and SAFETY of the American people. Is this the kind of bad business that you condone? Yes, I see that it is. This has nothing to do with hate. It has everything to do with good business. If you hate good business, that is your problem. Trump does not need to be re-elected, he needs to be fired.


Haw! I actually laughed when I read this factually distorted letter written by someone who is politically blind. Lets talk about all of Trumps failures like his day one healthcare, Mexico will pay for the wall, stealing 11.5 billion dollars from our military to fund his wall, how he tried to blackmail a Ukrainian president, how he took money away from social security and medicare, how he abandoned the Kurds in Syria, how he is circumventing and destroying our constitution, How our national debt is over 23 trillion and counting, and how most people are working three jobs just to put food on the table along with stagnant wage growth. Don't be surprised if a Bernie Sanders actually beats Trump in 2020 because people won't put up with this clown any longer.


Bob, there is a letter soon to be published calling out Joanie Welsh. The author also considered calling you out but did not. He should have. Keep an eye out for it.


Not to be alarmed . Trump can't lose. It was just a week or so ago that somebody on this site said Bloomberg is the man to " thump Trump " LOL. Bloomberg can't thump Pocahontas - much less Trump. It is just make believe to think any of the democrats have any kind of chance at beating Trump at this point. Things are just going too well for everybody for Trump to lose.


A lot of people thought Hillary couldn't lose either but guess what? People are so fed up with Trump that they are willing to elect a socialist just to get rid of this pathetic liar we have in office now.

CitrusCo Citizen

You're wrong. Trump has already lost everything and is a loser with nothing left to lose. That's why he so impulsive, chaotic, obnoxious, and a pompous a**. That's why he is a danger to himself, to Americans and to the world. He realizes everyone is on to his con game and he simply doesn't give a ----! Just like another German dictator 75 years ago.

CitrusCo Citizen

Trump news of the day--33,000 children will lose free or reduced school lunches and 3,000,000 of their parents will lose their Supplemental Nutritution Assistance Program (SNAP) assistance. I know you must be so proud, Robert, to be an American who keeps other Americans, especially children, hungry. Just one more of a thousand cuts to my beloved country and it people. I can't find a reason NOT to hate Trump.


Bernie is coming. There was a remarkable turnout of first time voters in Nevada, a record. It is a sign of things to come. The youth vote loves Bernie and they are coming out.


The Clown can only win by cheating, lying and bribes.....what a LOSER!!!

Miuke Nelson

"It’s a never-ending battle. The latest reports are that Russia is attempting to help Trump’s reelection. Why would he need any help from Russia?" Because he can't win in an honest fight.

So you truly believe that the best intelligence agencies in the world are in error? That it is all "fake news"? Go help us.

CitrusCo Citizen

I just found another reason to hate Trump. Number of major wars to protect America's freedoms fought by my family since the French and Indian War of 1754 = 7. Number of major wars to protect America's freedoms fought by the Trump and the Drumpf family since the French and Indian War of 1754 = 0. Number of draft dodgers in my family = 0. Number of draft dodgers in Trump's family = 2--Fred Trump's father (something Drumpf skipped out on German draft) and President Donald "Bonespurs" Trump who skipped out the War in Vietnam. He's an embarrassment to America's Veterans.


Here is an excerpt from a Quora Digest that Mr Hagaman needs to read...but will never believe....

So the “facts” about Donald Trump that certainly many, if not “most”, Americans are not aware of, or choose to ignore, is that the public image of Trump is a myth, created and carefully nurtured by Trump over decades to demonstrate to the world that he was something that he always wanted to be, and sees himself as, but which he is not. He is not the strong, powerful, respected leader of the Free World that his supporters perceive, or desperately want to believe in; in fact, as should be clear by now every time he steps onto the world stage, he is a laughingstock. He will not return coal and steel to prominence in the United States, because he cannot; the world has moved past these industries, and there is no point in the United States wasting resources to revive them. He will not give his voters great, affordable healthcare; he will not eliminate the budget deficit; he will not build his stupid wall. He will say he is doing all those things, but he will do none of them — although he will exacerbate many of the problems associated with many of them.

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