This is a rebuttal to Jerry Daniels’ letter of Aug. 1 which rebuts mine of July 16 to Bill Collins.

The reason I disavow news sources is most political news can be spun left wing or right wing, depending on views of the news outlet. My opinion is most news outlets lean heavily left. Many Trump critics were obsessed with Russia and race in an attempt to offset the president’s achievements. The Russia deception has vaporized, leaving race as the liberals’ only hope. A recent example of race-spinning showed Elijah Cummings giving his impression of migrant treatment at the southern border. Trump felt the words were not only harsh but untrue and hit back at Cummings by describing the representative’s district in Baltimore as in horrible condition and infested with rodents. The left-wing media seized on the word infested as offensive and racist.

Unfortunately, people interested in political news are often blinded by left-wing bias and screams of racism. This liberal outlook is anchored by nondiscerning radicals such as politicians, entertainers and sports figures.

Regarding Trump lies, Mr. Daniels should keep counting them if it brings him peace. I feel that presidents are mainly judged on results — principally the economy and safety. I agree with Mr. Daniels that other elements are also important. Concerning health care reform, Obama’s signature legislation was riddled with lies and incompetence, and constructing a viable reform has been met with resistance on many fronts. Other issues mentioned in Mr. Daniels letter have been ignored by all previous administrations. I disagree with Mr. Daniels that trade wars initiated by Trump are not appropriate. There is risk, but when I did business with China, I could not help but think that we were building a Frankenstein monster. This turned out to be true, and strategy must be employed to neutralize this force.

Mr. Daniel’s claim that I disdain diplomacy is untrue. Diplomacy should be coupled with strong negotiation skills. Obama used diplomacy at the expense of the taxpayer. Giving Iran $150 billion while they are chanting death to America is not a good strategy.

Regarding illegal immigration and migrants held in cages: I did not find any left-wing proclamation during the Obama administration describing holding them in concentration camps.

Mr. Daniels doesn’t care for Trump. I respect his view, but I point to Trump’s work ethic, which is a tireless endeavor to improve our country.

Larry Colucci


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Miuke Nelson

"Mr. Daniels doesn’t care for Trump. I respect his view, but I point to Trump’s work ethic, which is a tireless endeavor to improve our country." Seriously?

The only thing he works hard at is his twitter feed . At the 3ish year mark Trump has spent 170 days at the golf course vs Obama’s 65. Over the same period of time President Trump has cost the U.S. tax payer $73,630,000 MORE than Obama.


What has Trump achieved? North Korea is still a threat, his China tariffs have failed, he has stolen billions from our military for his wall, the stock market is in decline, economic growth is slowing and they are forecasting a recession again. Obama handed off a great economy to Trump that was still growing after Bush left us in a deep recession. As usual the right always leaves out half of the facts that distorts the whole picture. The author of this letter thinks he can just keep repeating Trump rhetoric and someone will believe him.


It brings me peace to count all the lies in this letter, however, I really think that I just got over-peaced.

CitrusCo Citizen

More sick and twisted logic from Colucci. The Russian threat has not vaporized and is going to be amped up for the 2020 election. The Russians will continue to interfere in our elections. Trump has fanned the flames of racism and the white nationalist movement is stronger than ever in America. Massacres of innocent men, women and children by assault rifles are increasing exponentially, with most of them caused by racists and bigots most of whom worship Trump. Why Collucci considers these things to be "Trump's achievements" is incredibly disturbing.


Excellent rebuttal!


I would state that Mr. Colucci is a non discerning member of the Trump base who needs to do some fact checking...such as Obama did not give Iran $150 million...the US returned Iran funds when the sanctions were lifted upon the 6 nation agreement with Iran to stop producing uranium for nukes. Trump has blown up that agreement and the uranium is being produced and the Hormuz strait is under siege. Maybe Trump will have his version of the Bush WMD war.


I'm waiting for the rebuttal to the rebuttal to the rebuttal to the rebuttal.....argh!

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