How about a few facts on the coronavirus scare. First, masks won’t stop you from getting it. Ask the CDC. Second, check out the deaths in China in relation to the population. Third, the common flu in this country accounted for 280,000 hospitalizations this flu season as of Feb. 15. The CDC reports there have been 16,000 flu-related deaths during this flu season among our population of 330 million. That’s from the common flu, not coronavirus. Figure the odds!

China has a population of 1,437,000,000. There have been about 3,000 deaths from coronavirus to date. Figure the odds!

Worldwide, there have been just over 3,100 deaths from corona virus. Could it be that the frenzy over this type of flu is slightly overstated? Perhaps it’s time to step back and take a deep breath without the mask.

Finally, you might want to check out the website “Contagion Live” on the internet. Good information.

Actually, the sky is not falling!

David W. Martin


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CitrusCo Citizen

Here are some more facts, David, to help you out with your ill-informed "perspective" David. This is from my wonderful private subscription to the New York Times, updated on March 15 at 10:26 am.

CitrusCo Citizen

Facts matter, David and so here's an even better website to help you out with your "perspective" on COVID. (But since it's from "Big Guvmint" I doubt it you'll even look at it since you seem to think you're an expert.)

This was updated on March 14.

CitrusCo Citizen

Correction for message below: Throughout FL 115 COVID-19 cases and 4 deaths, with 1 case under investigation in Citrus County.

CitrusCo Citizen

Everyone, if you want to know the latest information on COVID-19 in FL try this website: which now tells us that there 115 cases and 4 deaths with 1 case "under investigation" in Citrus County, FL. Obviously David can't read, which would be difficult anyway since he's living under a rock with his head buried in the sand after his president told him that COVID-19 is all a hoax from the Democrats.

CitrusCo Citizen

Even better is and then click on coronavirus-19. I did notice that it has not updated (4:25 pm 3/15/20) to correspond to the article on the Local News of the Chronicle (5:37) that the one person in Citrus County has now tested positive. There is no further information at this time on where this person traveled recently in Citrus County. This is going to change things dramatically for all of us.


After multiple moments of near-collapse and a week of negotiation between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, the House passed a bipartisan bill early Saturday to deal with some of the potential financial fallout for families affected by the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The bill passed the House, 363-40, just after midnight on Saturday, with 223 Democrats and 140 Republicans in support, and zero Democrats and 40 Republicans opposed. Independent Justin Amash of Michigan was the only member to vote present, over concerns that lawmakers didn’t have enough time to read the legislation.

Democrats had been intent on offering a bill that would provide for paid sick leave, which the bill partly does. But Democrats had wanted a permanent program requiring employers to provide two weeks of paid sick leave annually. Republicans balked at that idea, and instead the bill would create a national sick leave program for one year.

The bill provides two weeks of sick leave for workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic, with the government reimbursing 100% of the cost to employers ― placating Republican complaints that a paid sick leave policy could bankrupt some businesses. After the coronavirus crisis abates, the U.S. would go back to not having paid sick leave and will once again become the only advanced nation in the world with no paid sick leave


Well said David. More people die of the regular flu than the Covid-19. Yet they are making such a big deal out of it, and statistically most people that do die of it are elderly and already have a compromised immune system, just like the regular flu. Anyway, it's a good time to short the stock market and make good money if you haven't done so already because of all the pandamonium it is causing and the effect it is having on our economy.


The flu has a .001% chance of killing you, the Coronavirus has a 3-5% chance, that's why. You would think there would be people with at least an IQ bright enough to know the difference. DUH!!!!!!!!! unbelievable.


But there is a flow chart that will save us all!

Miuke Nelson

So why did Trump declare a National Emergency?


Perhaps it is because Trump's sky is falling, and falling fast.

CitrusCo Citizen

Dean, the sky is falling. Disneyland, Disneyworld, and Universial Studios are closed, 7 states have closed all schools and more are following, players of the NBA are positive, the Firestone Grand Prix is canceled, Donald Trump brought the president of Brazil who tested positive for COVID-19 to Mar-a-Lago and exposed everybody there, including himself and yet he refuses to get tested and is probably a carrier, and the virus is infect Americans exponentially every hour. I don't even want to mention China or Italy in this message. Wake up, Americans, and especially you, David Martin.


The death rate for seasonal flu is 0.1%. The worldwide death rate for Covid-19 is between 2.0% and 3.4%. There is no vaccine for Covid-19 as of yet. The sky may not be falling, but the ground isn't exactly covered with geniuses either.


Well said, MikeBond!!

CitrusCo Citizen

Here's a new perspective for ya, David. The Orange One you worship just declared a National Emergency because of COVID-19. Oh my, what will you do--change your mind and agree with the Orange One or keep sticking your head in the sand because Sean Hannity and Judge Jeannie told you to do that?


Are you saying, CitrusCo Citizen, that David actually pulled his head out of the sand long enough to have to stick it back in. Are we sure all this sticking was in sand?

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