I’m writing in regards of the witch hunt that the sore-loser Democrats are on to impeach President Trump. It’s been three years and the Democrats are still flapping their mouths. They couldn’t find any dirt in three years. Why don’t they throw the towel in and realize it’s a lost cause and be happy.

Why didn’t they persecute Clinton and Obama? They were the worst. But I guess that’s OK, being a politician and receiving lifetime benefits and leaving the White House millionaires.

Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi should get their stuff together and put a lid on their witch hunt and start doing the job they were elected to do. Helping the people is more important than trying to persecute our leader. The average person doesn’t give a darn who talked to who on the phone in Ukraine. President Trump did more good since being in office than the past few presidents.

Sure, President Trump can be quirky sometimes, but who cares. Everyone has bad days. With the pressure he has had from the liberals, I think he is very good at shrugging it off. You would think after three years, the Democrats would work along with our president. The dumbest thing is they just go on and on.

John Kendziora


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Every day I get more embarrassed to be a resident of Citrus county and this letter is just a sample of why. Obviously John gets his info from Fox and other right wing publications. Seems like if theirs any people here with the ability to perform any critical thinking they leave. Doesn't say much for the school system here but then look what we have for county Commissioners.

Miuke Nelson

In May , Mitch McConnell had blocked more than 100 pieces of House-passed legislation from coming to the Senate floor. Since then, the House has passed several major pieces of legislation that seem destined to die in McConnell's graveyard.

Democrats can multi task.

CitrusCo Citizen

We're so grateful for your letter, John. It has helped to explain how and why millions of Americans continue to support a man who lies, cheats, steals, manipulates, is inhumane, greedy, self-serving, and, frankly, a little loopy. It's always mystified all of us why a group of people who proudly announce that they are so religious, moral, and patriotic can worship a man who is so irreligious, immoral and unpatriotic. You, John, are a perfect sample from that population. Hopefully, someone has chosen you to be the case study and we learn even more.


According to John, "The average person doesn’t give a darn who talked to who on the phone in Ukraine." This case study will partially involve the differences between 'the average person' and the people who care about their country and their future and that of their children. This part of the study is necessary if America is to survive as a free democracy and not be converted to a dictatorship. It is thought that if some 'average' members of the society are willing to forgo their ethics, their religious beliefs, and their patriotism, then they may be willing to forgo their freedom.


I find burning witches at the stake to be a little extreme, but I'm starting to believe that being a hypocrite should at least be a felony.

CitrusCo Citizen

I can't wait to watch Trump lie under oath to the nation and the world at his publically broadcasted Impeachment hearings and then try to attack and distract the House and Senate from his lies. It won't work this time--everyone's on to his game and his remaining syncophants are now fearful rats jumping off of a sinking ship. His dimwitted base, including, John, will turn off their TVs and ignore the whole impeachment process completely and then complain that everything was done in secrecy and that "poor Trump" was an innocent victim, bullied by the public and politicians. But I have to hope that his base will finally see that "The Emporer Has No Clothes" and has been lying to them and to Congress.

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